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  • Re: Improving Imperian

    @Dimitri You... disagree with the fact that not everyone cares about their overall experience rank...? Interesting stance, since I'm saying I clearly don't care about my overall experience rank.

    EDIT: New idea, since people seem to want to disagree for no reason other than, "Well I wouldn't hunt there so why should you have it?" Open pk bashing area. Achaea has several, Aetolia has one. If they don't like my non-open-pk pay-with-experience suggestion, make this one an option. Now my intentions are not thinly veiled. I plan to hunt to my heart's content and if someone else enters the area, I will just kill them. Good conflict generator.
  • Re: Ballistics, Time Period and Engineer

    @Dimitri I can get much, much more specific if you like... but essentially, the speed of reloading should be the least of your worries; and the time-frame is also irrelevant in this case. Sometimes things are just fantasy. In a real flintlock, the action itself had three distinct phases: 1) the first fall of the cock and creation of sparks, 2) the  ignition of the priming by these generated sparks, 3) the explosion of the paper cartidge and ejection of the ball or round.

    This might sound ok, and similar to the way things even in the 19th century worked, but it is not. There is a noticeable gap between the time of the primer igniting and the firing of the round in a flintlock. So much so that you had to be militarily trained with one just so you wouldn't flinch upon ignition of the primer and throw off the aim of your shot before the explosion of the cartridge.

    These are flintlocks in name only. If they were to be remotely historically accurate, they would need to be from a time period of 1818-1823, which were the years of the separate but individually developed inventions of the percussion cap.
  • Re: Improving Imperian

    @Aodan You should suggest they be morphing or summoned weapons. Just so the poor Knights who do circle-hop don't have to be like, "Great. Now I have to buy yet another weapon."
  • Re: Improving Imperian

    @Galt, first of all the bonuses are pretty significant. Look at Flame or Conquest's shrine network. Not even touching on rituals, that is a huge buff and not acknowledging that is downright silly. Second of all the majority in any org typically dictates what the org does or does not do stance-wise/law-wise/goal-wise. I am not trying to get into which side is the majority in Kinsarmar, I am only disagreeing with your logic and pointing out how from my perspective things have always worked.
  • Re: Improving Imperian

    Players have made it very clear they want more divine interaction in Imperian. We are working on
    making this happen. We currently have 6 new entities which will start joining cults and sects over
    the next couple of weeks. We will be looking to take a few more over the next couple of months.
    We've had feedback from players on how they would like to see increased entity influence over what
    happens in the game world. We will be making some changes to the entity system over the next few
    months to allow for this. This will probably mean entities will be able to directly influence your
    actions more, but this seems to be what players are looking for. We will be getting more feedback
    about this over the next few weeks.

    This is a very divisive issue. It may be the case for AM and Demonic that they want this, and it is the case for six (yes, a whopping six) people in Magick. But seriously. Just how loudly and obnoxiously must we scream that we want nothing to do with entities and furthermore giving them powers to influence us is an explicatively terrible idea. Kinsarmar DOES NOT WANT entities. @Justus doesn't, @Jannette doesn't, @Jules doesn't, @Morgaze doesn't, @Arina doesn't, @Alvetta doesn't, I do not. What more do we need to say??? We're tired of this bad hail mary. They're not the gods; the gods are dead. Please be done with this in Kinsarmar. I've already gotten into personal spats with @Rhaladin and several of your entities have already gotten in trouble for abusing the powers they already have.

    If everyone else wants them, fine. Let them have them. Just leave us out.

    EDIT: You know what I'm all for, that everyone in Kins would get behind? NPC play. Why people are so caught up on the idea that it must be this stupid divine thing they can suck up to, I have not a darn clue. NPC roleplay is dope. Please do more of that.