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  • Re: Treasure Maps

    I got 14000 gold.

    I can hear Theo laugh in the distance
  • Re: AFK Automation: Harmful to Imperian?

    Honestly, automation causes so much gold generation that credit prices for the general population skyrockets. 

    Further, people who can code auto-bashers can easily code twist rings or escape on attack while they are auto-bashing. 

    So while I don't see any problem with the activity itself, the consequence it has for the entire community is pretty bad.

  • Re: Recent Event Opinion

    I generally don't like the collection mechanics

    What would have been cooler is if the reflections spawned bosses. Or mini-quests or showed you some more flavor. 

    Right now it is just like shardfalls. 
  • Mage Combat Improvement - 2016

    So mage is in a very weird position right now as far as combat is concerned.

    - Resources - Apart from mana and health - you are managing FIVE other resources (4 attunements and crystal). These resources are cumbersome to manage and often counteract each other.

    - Too many gates - mage combat as is - has very few passive components (flamepillar, firecircle, icicles) - however, they need conditions to be met to trigger. For being such an active class it has too many gates.

    Want to stack afflictions/ build attunement using crystal - great you have a 30 second window before it starts hurting you
    Want to stack attunement - you can only stack five times and most useful skills will cost you >3 

    - Lack of passive pressure/ defense - Given the gates and the lack of passive pressure makes mage really difficult to play in both team and individual situations. It is not really a damage class or an affliction class - so ends up being terrible at both approaches. Further even though skills like lavablast and decompose do decent damage, the lack of passive pressures or defensive abilities always make it an uphill battle against most classes which almost always have some kind of passive pressure building. 

    - Poor high end skills  - OVERTUNE is a prime example of this - it is a trans skill - what does it do - 15% all resist for 10 seconds?

    - AoE/ Team contribution - Here again - mage has LoS use of remote skills. LoS is rarely usedful and has limited usage. Sure I'm all for flavor - but this serves little purpose. 

    Honestly, I think the class needs little boosts in multiple areas to be viable again. The concept is interesting but needs to be simplified by either relaxing some gates or providing incremental boosts to skills. Many people have expressed interest in playing the class. But just the sheer complicated system and lack of top end anything make it terrible.Its almost a clas

    I'm sure many other players understand combat -much- better than I do. And I'd love all their inputs and suggestions. But I'd just like to be able to have a more significant role in combat using my beloved class than what I am restricted to. 
  • Guilds

    With professions being dissociated from guilds ... what's the end game for guilds?

    Do they serve any practical purpose? I see some awesome guilds - the Bards & Oystir are doing very well. But there are some very average guilds that practically haven't done anything in the past years. I guess it is an artifact of the fact that many guilds were created during the time they could be approved and created but the player-base is now no longer big enough to support all of them. 

    Is there a way to revive them? Make them more relevant again?

    Some ideas:

    - Guild quests - guild quests that you can do everyday to increase the prestige of your guild to ensure activity
    - Guild based jobs or bonuses - guild granted legendary quests or trials
    - Ability of guild/ council to go independent and function as independent organizations (think Assassins guild) not associated to any particular city or maybe even circle