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Lynyssa ✭✭


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  • Re: December Stocking Drops

    Not a stocking per say, but a giftbag

    The rowdy notes of a drinking song, faint at first, then rising to the undisputed intensity of a
    Dwarf On A Mission, herald the arrival of Ironbeard the Magnanimous who casts his beam of a smile
    about himself as he arrives.
    Ironbeard the Magnanimous performs a grandiose bow, nearly falling flat on his face, and says,
    "Greetings, Lynyssa. Have a gift!"
    Ironbeard the Magnanimous just gave you a giftbag!

    A festive sparkling giftbag is holding:
    "page302141"              a tattered map page of Gadan Hold
    "lyre316222"              a Golden Lyre of Shallah
    "lure316504"              a fishing lure

  • Re: I HEART

    Your field of vision distorts slightly, as the image of Septus approaches from the skies, taking on a reddish haze.
    You sense Septus has entered your location.

    Septus (Conquering Male Scorched)
    He is 213 years old, having been born on the 8th of Artificium, 616 AD.
    He is not a member of a bloodline.
    He is ranked 24th in Imperian.
    He is ranked 9th in Questing.
    He is ranked 51st in Bashing.
    He is ranked 1st in Player Killing.
    He has earned 911 Achievement Points.
    He is ranked 15th in Achievements.
    He has taken on the mantle of an Aspect of Moradeim.
    He is the reigning champion player kill streak monthly winner.
    He is the 16th ranked combatant with a rating of 1146.
    He is the 7th ranked arena combatant with 420 wins.
    He is a Navigator of the Plains in the Fellowship of Explorers.
    He is an Apprentice jouster.
    He is a member of the clan called 'The War Shura.'
    He is a member of the clan called 'Legion of the Sands.'
    He is a member of the clan called 'RandomPrizes.'
    He is a member of the clan called 'Imperian Combat.'
    He is the clan head of the clan called 'Bellator Societas.'
    He is a member of the clan called 'AM Emergency Broadcast System.'
    He is a member of the clan called 'The Spirit Shura.'
    He is a mentor and able to take on proteges.
    His warcry is known to be, 'For Conquest Eternal'
    He is considered to be approximately 135% of your might.
    He is an enemy of your sect.
    He is an enemy of your council.
    He is an enemy of your towne.
    He has 48 lines of special honors.

    Septus throws down the gauntlet and issues a formal challenge to Aodan to engage him in single combat.

    The room grows dim as Aodan glides out of the room towards the ether upon the shimmering white light of Aryana.
    He is followed by a prissy cat with lilac points named Boomers and a ravenous hound.
    Septus fades to a faint outline of crimson before vanishing entirely to the ether.
    Aodan accepts Septus's challenge, and both walk through the portal, ready to do battle.


  • Re: Treasure Maps

    1. A star marked firefly
    2. wide, cream coloured band
  • Re: I HEART

    As you tentatively open the small box, it bursts into brilliant golden light that blinds you completely. As your vision slowly clears, a weak, quavering voice says, "I may be gone, Lynyssa, but you shall take a piece of me with you..."
    You have been granted 3145 gold sovereigns and a Girdle of Aesir.