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  • Re: Quotes

    You have no citizenship

  • Re: Fishing Update Proposal

    what if we can fish specimens for an aquarium in your house? Time to collect them all.
  • Re: Post funny things you found from youtube

    When I log into lusternia and find this at the city square.
  • Re: Obelisk/War Update

    I had a lot of fun with the raiding mechanic back in Midkemia. Sure, it needed a lot of work but we made do with it; I personally have no real solutions to offer about what Imperian should do with their own obelisk/war thing. Obviously whatever they do come up with is not going to please everyone. All I know is that this game's playerbase could use a boost to their numbers so that it isn't city a just running over city b with a massive group of bashers.
  • Re: Obelisk/War Update

    Was being flippant about the 24 hour raiding thing. In midkemia if you raided a city, the standard at the time was 1 hour to do whatever damage you wanted and then a 24 hour cool down afterwards. You couldn't come in raid for a couple minutes, come back an hour later and raid for a couple more minutes. It was just a simple 1 hour start to finish. There were no mechanics involved with this type of raid but generally if you went over the 1 hour limit, the defenders could issue for raiding too long.

    Also to add, we did have three kinds of special raids that required siege status, similar to your generator status here. For 100% siege status you could do one of the following: Mayhem, relic hunt, and king of the hill. These lasted 1 hour and had rewards for them. The one I mentioned in the above paragraph was a non-mechanical raid.

    1) The Mayhem raid: kill a specific percentage of the guards. I think 60%

    2) Relic: Drag a relic that appeared 15 rooms away from the gate of the city being raided. You couldn't use stealth skills to move the thing, you were exposed and had to deal with guards and adventurers

    3) king: Stand in one spot for 30 minutes to claim victory.

    What were the rewards for winning?

    1) Mayhem: Gold per guard killed.

    2) Relic: an item which you can use to rent an artifact temporarily.

    3) King: forgot, since no city ever did this.

    What were the rewards for defending even if you lose?

    1) Mayhem: Gold to replace guards

    2) relic: also an item to rent an artifact temporarily.

    3) King: unknown.

    What were the consequences of losing as the raider?

    waste of siege status.