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  • Re: I HEART

    Nanowrimo season is fast approaching. 

    Plotting my novel, just ordered my ML penny poster and stickers for my fellow Wrimos at the events I'll be hosting. 

    Settling out my schedule for write-ins and figuring out the swag I'mma give away for our kick-off party. 

    Woohoo, word smashing. 
  • Re: I HEART, I need to tell my kid to charge more. 

    She primarily does furry art (she isn't a furry herself, but that art community is typically really supportive for up and coming artists) and her rates are considerably lower than that. 

    Edit: I love that I have talented kids. One of them is right this very moment volunteering at a horse rescue because the thing she wants most in the world is to be a vet. The other makes nifty art. The other wants to be a photojournalist and writer and takes amazing photographs. 

    Then we have Kabaal's son. Who is well on his way to being an evil dictator who takes over the world.


    E2: Whoa big picture, W2B adjustable image sizing on forums. Also, recent child art. 

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  • Re: I HEART

    Owyn RPing. 

    I will get all ya'll, one at a time if need be. 
  • To those who don't RP (but might)...

    After a conversation with a few people, I wonder what might help create a better RP encouraging environment in the game. To this end, I have some questions. 

    • How do you define RP? What does it look like to you?
    • Is there RP that makes you want to not dip your toes in (the stuff that doesn't happen behind closed doors)?
    • What kind of 'events' (these can be major or minor, admin-created or player-driven) or catalysts might encourage you to respond in character?
    • Is there anything the admin or other players can do to help you RP?
    • Anything else relevant to keeping you from participating in roleplay or developing your character's persona?
  • Re: The costs of combat

    @Galt - I know you did not just make an entire thread complaining about minimal combat associated costs and then tell me harvesting is fine because it doesn't take that long to harvest an herb. 


    I could make a whole new thread about this issue, but in short, it is a thankless, tedious system that is a necessary evil for the game to function. Those of us who do it and don't have the 1000 credit artifact have to spend a pretty large chunk of our time doing it to keep a shop stocked. There is nothing fun or rewarding about it. At all.