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  • Re: Twitch Chat 9/8/2017

    On Bards
    I love the Bards. I have been a bard on probably half a dozen characters I love the bards so much. I see zero reasons to not make the crafting skills in artistry neutral. You don't even have to strip it from the bards. Give them enhanced shinies on the crafting ability. Some of this they already have. See: travel paintings. Add a 'seal' for letters or enhance the number of items a letter can carry when crafted by a bard. Voila, bard sadness resolved. Failing that, give them a few more mechanical trinkets. Bards have always had a vaguely mechanical aspect in their artistic crafting.

    Thespia and Artistry's 'magick' could easily be explained in a non-magick way. It's never been well explained per lore and there's no reason it couldn't be discovered to be related to the Voice's connection to divine language - the music taps into Rashirmiric energy or is simply just THAT good as to be inspiring/healing/whatever. Thespia could just be trickery. 

    tl;dr - Please make papercrafting a general skillset. Consider neutral bard because your logic is not sound. 

    On Science
    Gee, why would we want to distinguish ourselves from the 4 other fantasy IRE games. That would just be so awful. -biggest eye roll ever-

    On Affinity 
    Token houses are by and large not in councils/cities. Affinity being harder on punishment would essentially screw all of us token house owners pretty roughly. Please don't. 

    On Shaman
    Oh, wow. The rambling whatever-that-was about why shaman was unrolled without any lore whatsoever? Just say, "We screwed up, we are willing to look at ways to fix it." That's the professional answer. Meanwhile, HEY THIS IS THE EXACT THING AN RP COUNCIL WOULD BE STELLAR FOR. 

    I'd rather have new and unique demonic messages rather than copy pasting from the old skool demonic stuff. We've gotten new, weird demonic RP/lore now to play with. 

    On Townes
    Yea, cool. I just have to say that I laughed -hard- when you said you don't want to strip them down because 'balance' of circles. 

     Guild                City or Council      Circle
      Animists          Kinsarmar          Magick
      Bards               Kinsarmar         Magick
      Crusaders         Antioch            Anti-Magick
      Idras                 Ithaqua            Anti-Magick
      Sentinels           Ithaqua            Anti-Magick
      Silvari               Celidon             Magick
      Spectres           Kinsarmar         Magick
      Stormweavers  Celidon             Magick
      Vindicators      Kinsarmar         Magick
      Wardancers      Antioch             Anti-Magick
      Wardens          Ithaqua              Anti-Magick
      Wraithweald    Khandava          Demonic


    On the RP Council
    Man. Right now I'm struggling to understand why you guys keep failing -so hard- to grok the RP community in your own game. How in the world do you genuinely think that 'players have different RP styles' and 'there are organizational levels to RP' is a justifiable excuse to can this idea? Combat is inherently more complex and generally generates far more heated opinions than RP does. We have a -serious- issue with our culture, lore, and RP hooks right now. Even people who don't participate much in the RP end of the game can see it. Ya'll -need- an RP council. And if you don't know what we would do with one, let me give you an idea or three. Rotate through a focus area every 1-3 months depending on the complexity of the issue. 

    -Review lore
    -Brainstorm ways to enhance RP/lore tie-in with orgs
    -Focus on QoL improvements that would make RP easier/more dynamic/more enjoyable

    It is clear to me that IRE suffers from the wall they create by making admin give up their characters. The separation between what's happening in the game world and what you guys focus on and understand is very present in the way you discuss things. You -need- this or something similar to it to bridge that gap or the game is going to continue to struggle in this area. 

    On the intersection of Crafting and RP

    So, these are not the same realm of MUD playing. A lot of RPers are also crafters but not all crafters are RPers and not all RPers are crafters. This is the area within the RP sphere that gets (any) love at all. And that, minimal. I'm counting issues with the tediousness of shopkeeping and harvesting in with the crafting realm. From the perspective of an RPer - it feels like our RP issues are being ignored in favor of giving minimal attention to crafting because -that- is where we spend money. 

    RP drives the game forward, it helps create dynamic conflict that has a point, it makes the game more alive and immersive even for the people who mostly don't have an interest in RP. The folks that love to RP? Those are the same folks who are frequently hunting down new players and helping introduce them to the game (something ya'll desperately need since your newbie intro currently blows). 

    tl;dr - RPers help keep people around and devoted to the game, which drives your profit level, so please give us more than lip service. 

  • Re: I HEART

    Ithaqua was responsible for the Original Drunken History Lessons. 
  • Re: I HEART

    @Swale - Having played a primarily political RPer for a decade, I'm going to strongly disagree with you. PKers are a commodity that allows them to maneuver politically far easier than people who do not PK. People who get entrenched in a particular org who simply RP? Usually, that org is not being flocked to by fighters (Celidon comes to mind immediately). And when PKers do come in, they tend to be able to override entrenched politicians pretty easily. The words of someone who fights is OFTEN taken more seriously than someone who doesn't. Especially if they aren't as abrasive as some are (but even then...abrasive PKers have managed to get their way pretty regularly over the last decade). 

    Edit: No coffee, no sleep = no attempting to write. ;_;
  • Re: I HEART

    Fanglor said:
    Pretty stoked with the way Ithaqua has turned things around as far as activity. Far more people online now than there was previously when we joined
    *crosses fingers for a non-exploded Ithaqua*