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  • Re: Improving Imperian Split: Shifting Focus

    I could make the same argument in reverse of Antioch, and state that if an event was not up to their PK standards, they would turn around and leave. That doesn't make it accurate.
    No, that's really pretty accurate.

    The major difference is just that PvP is easier to wedge into things. Most events can be turned into PvP events simply by showing up and killing people who disagree with you or have things that you want.
  • Re: Improving Imperian Split: Shifting Focus

    TBH your best bet right now is just merging Stavenn and Antioch. Everybody hates Stavenn, even Khandava. Everybody hates Antioch, even Ithaqua. Smash both of your problem children together into a new organization and we can be the hyperexpansionist empire who plays the bad guy in all the events. We already do every crazy "ally with the Blood God" and "ally with Legion" thing that Stavenn should be doing. The only major difference between Antioch and Stavenn right now is that Antioch wins fights.
  • Re: Improving Imperian Split: Shifting Focus

    I'd be fine with keeping organizations if those organizations are willing to work with the Garden on changing up conflict and their role in the world.

    My problem with Khandava, historically, is that Khandava looks inwards towards everything and it tends not to really engage with the world. This is fine when they're the secondary circle organization and you've got Stavenn out there waving the flag. This is less fine when you're the single organization in your circle. With Khandava, my problem is that I am afraid they will look at one of your events, decide it isn't up to their RP standards, and take their whole faction home with them.
  • Re: Raiding

    You want to know our motive for attacking Kinsarmar? Demonic was dropping giant gank squads on our B-team and then running off to sit in Kinsarmar. We didn't like Kinsarmar letting them hide, so we decided to smack their guards around as a sign of our displeasure, because when you side with our enemies you become one of them. 

    And you want to know our cause?

    Information about the Sect of Conquest:
    Sect leader: Khizan
    ascendari: (nobody)
    Representatives: Jules, Kryss, Septus, Ultrix, and Xeron

    The Age of Desperation has come to a close, taking with it a number of truths mortals once believed without question. Nothing
    is permanent. All things, divine or otherwise are subject to weakening and eventual destruction if constant care is not taken
    to maintain solidarity and purpose.

    Conquest. The word conjures images of subjugated peoples and wartorn lands, men and women dying with weapon in hand, great
    conquerors imposing their will on nations ripe to fall. Conquest is war in the pursuit of a vision set for all the world by one
    individual or group of individuals. The Cult of Conquest calls forth the greatest heroes of Ithaqua and Antioch to join their
    strength to a vision for the future.

    Conquest. A campaign of bloodshed and subterfuge, honor where possible, results at all costs, all in the pursuit of a unified
    land where all men and women are bound together in strength, in service to one true ideal. An empire built on strong
    foundations can survive and protect each other from all trials and tribulations.

    There is it. That's our cause.  

    When Baar was alive, I could say "The Ruling Council of Antioch is all Baarite, and so we wage war with you to purge your heresy and cleanse the world of your magickal filth." and it would be perfectly acceptable reasoning. And now, with Baar dead, I say this: "The Ruling Council of Antioch is all Conquest, and so we wage war with you because you are weak and we are strong, and because we dream of a land unified under a single banner, an empire that spans the world."

    It's religious zealotry without the Gods, pretty standard fare for Antioch honestly. 

  • Re: I HEART

    Skye said:
      If the people inside your organization are happy with what you're doing, they're the ones that matter.

    The people inside his organization are leaving have left