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  • Re: Improving Imperian

    The problem with caravans is that Imperian PvE mechanics are basically non-existent outside of the boss fights and this makes caravans extremely boring. Right now, there are three practical ways to kill a caravan.

    1) Barrier tank it. This is boring and it requires an artifact, a Wytch/Druid/Berserker, or somebody with enough metagame knowledge to get a temporary lyre. Also this is boring and everybody hates it and it's amazingly susceptible to PvP. If you break the barrier it's almost a guaranteed wipe.

    2) Icewall off the caravans and yankbash them. I've never done this one myself, but I assume it is possible. This is also tremendously boring and man-power intensive(1:1 basher/yanker ratio).

    3) Icewall off the caravans and use Predator lure to pull out a guard and kill it. The guards keep moving back into the caravan, so you really have to spam lure, but you can eventually kill all the guards this way. A Predator can even solo them this way; Shou did it all the time.

    Every single one of these options is boring and miserable and completely unfun once you have done it a few times.

    I feel like they would be MUCH better off if they dropped the boring guardswarm and instead had one boss/miniboss level elite guard per wagon. Big enough to take some time to kill and delay caravan capturing, but also something that any reasonable few people could handle. And it would be way more interesting and involved than the boring guardclots. There's more than enough existing boss mechanics that you could repurpose and randomize amongst various elite guards to ensure that no two caravans were identical. Could even put temporary artifacts or the like in the caravans.
  • Re: Quotes

    I wasn't going to mention any of this until I put the plans in motion, but since the cat was let out of the bag a bit early and I'd never try to rebag a cat... here goes.

    At this point, I feel like I can comfortably say that I have done everything I have ever wanted to do in Imperian and more. I made the Taekyon go anti-magick, way back when, and I made Antioch go away from it many years later. I outlived the Gods. Allied with the Horde. Allied with the Legion. Met awesome Ultrixes and was the Worst Fiance Ever. Met a lot of people, for that matter, and made a lot of good friends.

    But I have also reached a point where it feels like I really don't have a whole lot left to do here, and most of the stuff I would want to do is now more hindered by Khizan's past than helped by it. Khizan laughed at the death of the Gods. He made multiple pacts with Urzog. He broke the seals on Legion's plagues. I don't regret any of it, but it is a weighty kind of history to be stuck with, and it really sort of limits what you can reasonably get away with in the future. Anything I want to do with the character in the future is overwhelmed by what he's done in the past.

    So I just feel like it's time to put Khizan away and let him go out on a high note. So this is my plan. Retiring Khizan will give me roughly 19-20k credits when everything is accounted for. I'm probably going to drop about 75% of that on Achaea. New game, new people, and lots of things I haven't done. It's interesting and I'm having fun. And hey, that rhymed. I wasn't planning on that, but I'll take it.

    The other 25% I'm gonna sit on for a while and then I'll probably come back here with it after a bit. 4-5k credits will make a brand new character with enough left over for a few nice toys, but without Khizan's history and without the overbearing artifacts that helped make the game so top-heavy. Should make a fun little alt.

    It's been a lot of fun, everyone(that rhymed again!), but I've been here a looooong time and I just need a bit of a change for now. I'll be back again later, I'll just have fewer toys.
  • Re: What do you play outside of Imperian?

    Risca convinced me to do the same :(
  • Re: Improving Imperian Split: Shifting Focus


    The problem with monoliths is that Aspect powers have made them meaningless. I have one permanent Life monolith, 2 perm change monoliths, and 4 perm terror monoliths. So I basically don't need the monolith system at all for most of my stuff. And since the end of experience loss, there's no reason to actually hold one if you don't need the monolith's effect.

    These are my ideas:

    1) Limit permanent monoliths to 1-2 per Aspect type. This would mean that gaze was either always in reach if you held a monolith, or just always available permanently, but it would increase the dependence on other people holding monoliths.

    2) Change things so that the first four Aspect powers still activate by the number of monoliths held by your Aspect type, but the fifth Aspect power(Warp/Absorb Damage/Resurrection) doesn't care how many monoliths are active. The fifth skill would only activate if you were personally holding a monolith, and it would activate regardless of how many other monoliths there were of your type. This change would mean that there would be a benefit to holding a monolith even if there weren't any other aspects of your subtype around; you'd always get something useful from it.

    If you make holding a monolith something personally rewarding in and of itself, people will do it.
  • Re: Improving Imperian Split: Shifting Focus

    I think that having level 100 fairly easy to get to is a good thing.

    1) Credits. Players basically can't participate in this game for real until they're at least single trans. They can't notably help in group fights. They can't hunt well. Level 100 is basically require for new player to play the game for real unless they're willing to throw down money, and I feel like they're more likely to throw down money once the hit 100 and actually get to do things.

    2) Area Efficiency. Most of the established players are at L100+, therefore most of the new content is generated for people in the 90-100 range. The longer you make people take at the lower levels, the more content you need for those lower levels, and that's content that most people will outgrow and never use again.

    3) Health. You can take that L60 dude to a shardfall but he's gonna die when he's sneezed at. Getting to max health is important if you want to get into PvP, and you should want to get people into PvP.

    Imperian now is sort of like WoW in that the game really doesn't start until level cap.