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  • Re: Improving Imperian Split: Shifting Focus

    No, those levels never gave bonus health. The massive health totals were from a few certain quests, expensive consumables, buff-stacking back in the old days, and the high-con statpacks.

    And as it is right now, Septus and I could break 1k if we wanted to and I can hit 800 trivially.
  • Re: What do you play outside of Imperian?

    Risca convinced me to do the same :(
  • Re: Improving Imperian Split: Shifting Focus

    I'd be fine with keeping organizations if those organizations are willing to work with the Garden on changing up conflict and their role in the world.

    My problem with Khandava, historically, is that Khandava looks inwards towards everything and it tends not to really engage with the world. This is fine when they're the secondary circle organization and you've got Stavenn out there waving the flag. This is less fine when you're the single organization in your circle. With Khandava, my problem is that I am afraid they will look at one of your events, decide it isn't up to their RP standards, and take their whole faction home with them.
  • Re: Improving Imperian Split: Shifting Focus

    Also, I think you really need to consider paring the game down to two factions. We don't have the population for three factions now and we never really had it to begin with. One of Imperian's major problem since day one has been that this game is seemingly designed around an Achaea-sized population that it never achieved and the end result is that the game always feels sort of empty.

    Right now I'd honestly suggest nuking Anti-Magick as a faction. We're the biggest and the strongest right now, yeah, but we're also the best side to break up. Nobody in AM really has any sort of attachment to the idea of antimagick as a role, and antimagick as a role is basically a horrible idea that's doomed to failure now. The meeting we had with Elokia and the Celani basically seemed to be "Well, you guys would change to only be against SOME magick, but not all of it because some magick would be natural and untainted", which would basically just make us Magick Team 2 and that's just completely pointless.

    So scrap all that and blow us up. Let the main divisions in the world be "Stavenn wants to own Kinsarmar again, Kinsarmar is against that" and "Khandava is about horrible leechtrees, Celidon is about huggable real trees". Those are good solid faction divisions with clear lines and no real room for compromise, and they're the kind of thing that both organizations in a faction can get behind.
  • Re: Improving Imperian Split: Shifting Focus


    The problem with monoliths is that Aspect powers have made them meaningless. I have one permanent Life monolith, 2 perm change monoliths, and 4 perm terror monoliths. So I basically don't need the monolith system at all for most of my stuff. And since the end of experience loss, there's no reason to actually hold one if you don't need the monolith's effect.

    These are my ideas:

    1) Limit permanent monoliths to 1-2 per Aspect type. This would mean that gaze was either always in reach if you held a monolith, or just always available permanently, but it would increase the dependence on other people holding monoliths.

    2) Change things so that the first four Aspect powers still activate by the number of monoliths held by your Aspect type, but the fifth Aspect power(Warp/Absorb Damage/Resurrection) doesn't care how many monoliths are active. The fifth skill would only activate if you were personally holding a monolith, and it would activate regardless of how many other monoliths there were of your type. This change would mean that there would be a benefit to holding a monolith even if there weren't any other aspects of your subtype around; you'd always get something useful from it.

    If you make holding a monolith something personally rewarding in and of itself, people will do it.