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  • Re: Quotes

    I wasn't going to mention any of this until I put the plans in motion, but since the cat was let out of the bag a bit early and I'd never try to rebag a cat... here goes.

    At this point, I feel like I can comfortably say that I have done everything I have ever wanted to do in Imperian and more. I made the Taekyon go anti-magick, way back when, and I made Antioch go away from it many years later. I outlived the Gods. Allied with the Horde. Allied with the Legion. Met awesome Ultrixes and was the Worst Fiance Ever. Met a lot of people, for that matter, and made a lot of good friends.

    But I have also reached a point where it feels like I really don't have a whole lot left to do here, and most of the stuff I would want to do is now more hindered by Khizan's past than helped by it. Khizan laughed at the death of the Gods. He made multiple pacts with Urzog. He broke the seals on Legion's plagues. I don't regret any of it, but it is a weighty kind of history to be stuck with, and it really sort of limits what you can reasonably get away with in the future. Anything I want to do with the character in the future is overwhelmed by what he's done in the past.

    So I just feel like it's time to put Khizan away and let him go out on a high note. So this is my plan. Retiring Khizan will give me roughly 19-20k credits when everything is accounted for. I'm probably going to drop about 75% of that on Achaea. New game, new people, and lots of things I haven't done. It's interesting and I'm having fun. And hey, that rhymed. I wasn't planning on that, but I'll take it.

    The other 25% I'm gonna sit on for a while and then I'll probably come back here with it after a bit. 4-5k credits will make a brand new character with enough left over for a few nice toys, but without Khizan's history and without the overbearing artifacts that helped make the game so top-heavy. Should make a fun little alt.

    It's been a lot of fun, everyone(that rhymed again!), but I've been here a looooong time and I just need a bit of a change for now. I'll be back again later, I'll just have fewer toys.
  • Re: Improving Imperian Split: Shifting Focus

    What are the 3 locked faction professions?

    In my head it seems it would be
    Druid, Runeguard, Bard
    Summoner, Diabolist, Deathknight
    Templar, Monk, Priest

    This set would keep all the ranged professions, mana kill professions and buffbots faction locked.
    That would be 7/9 correct, as per the current plan (which may still change).
    One problem I see with this is that if you make all the popular classes non-neutral you're really not fixing the problem at all. I would MUCH rather see Summoner/Druid/Monk all go neutral than all stay aligned. First, they're the most complained about and hardest to balance classes and making them neutral helps that. Secondly, they're some of the most popular classes in their respective circles. They're the classes everybody in the circle is playing and they're the classes that everybody who isn't in the circle wants to play. Making Hunter/Mage/Renegade neutral just means that you'll have people across three circles not playing those professions and it won't change anything.
  • Re: Improving Imperian Split: Shifting Focus

    Solution #2 is much better, imo.

    The big problem with Solution #1 is that you end up moving a bunch of other people from their organization into another organization's existing power structure and it leaves things out of balance. Cityleaders and such are thrown back to CR1, and other organizations are left with the situation where Khandavans don't want Abigail to join their council but this means that the admin is either forcing her into their org or forcing her out of her circle and blah blah blah. Lots of headaches.

    I think it's better to nuke both orgs and have them resettle. This balances things out more and resolves the issue where you're basically dumping a bunch of uninvited houseguests into somebody else's lap. It would also let you rebuild cities along more sensible lines. Smaller cities, without the giant outdated guildhalls and all the wasted space that just feels empty.

    Personally, I think that turning a refugee camp into a fully fledged small city is much more interesting than Khandava finding a bunch of Stavennites on their doorstep and then continuing with business as usual.

    And if you're redoing the conflict behind the game it's also a good way of redirecting things and avoiding a lot of the entrenched things. I mean, you dump the current Ithaquans into Antioch and nothing in Antioch will change and Antioch will continue on just as it is now. Same with Stavenn into Khandava or Celidon into Kinsarmar. And that would be good if the current setup was working well, but it is not working well at all right now and changing that up is the entire point of this exercise.
  • Re: What do you play outside of Imperian?

    I just finished Song of the Deep not all that long ago on console. A few of the puzzles were irritating due to control sensitivity, which I have a suspicion might be easier on PC, but it was a highly enjoyable game overall.
    Almost everything is easier on PC. The main reason I won't use consoles is because I won't give up my keyboard+mouse control combo because controllers are worse for basically everything.
  • Re: Shades and plagues

    I'm okay with camping an area outside of a city. It's one of the very few ways for a player to thumb their nose at rival organizations and it's one of the very few ways left to make any sort of aggressive overtures towards another organization. 

    Raiding is useless and dead. Obelisks might as well be. There are very few ways as it is to take a swing at another org, and I don't think we need to remove another one. I mean, at this point, we're not even really enemy cities. We're more like rival sports teams, only fighting during major events and in the shardball arena. 

    We need more sources of potential organizational conflict, not less.