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  • Re: Owned

    Gripping a mercurial longsword named Indecision firmly, you advance towards Claudius and strike him with a mighty blow.
    Iluv intercepts the attack against Claudius!
    Your strychnine toxin has affected Claudius.
    Balance Taken: 3.35s
    You drive a lunar shield into Claudius's body in a violent bash that leaves him reeling.
    Iluv intercepts the attack against Claudius!
    The final blow proves too much for Iluv, who falls to the floor a broken, bloody mess.
    You have slain Iluv.
    You gain 8 blood commodities from your efforts.
    You gain 39,620 (pk) experience. You need 73,400,270 more for level 106.
    You put 3,922,710 xp towards a drop of blood. You need 373,600 more for the next comm.
    You gain 19,812 faith.
    Iluv backs away and eases off.
    Balance Taken: 2.90s
    Banging your weapons loudly, you let out several sharp yells at Claudius. The resulting cacophony of noises inflicts a sharp
    pain upon him as his weakened veins burst open.
    You have slain Claudius.
  • Re: I HEART

    You lift your leg, thrusting it at a short-horned desert locust.
    You have scored a surprisingly effective hit!
    Damage dealt: 107 Remaining: 0.00%
    The final blow is too much, you have slain a short-horned desert locust.
    You put 13,730 xp towards a drop of spiritual essence. You need 258,970 more for the next comm.
    You gain 69 faith.
    [ACHIEVEMENT]: You have completed the 'Exterminator' Achievement! You have earned a set of silver brace
    [ACHIEVEMENT]: You are 900000 points from earning the 'Annihilation' achievement.
    You pick up the corpse.
    Balance Taken: 4.11s
    H:669/669 M:360/360 B:0 <eb> <db> K:100 R:0 D:0 F:0 
    You take and tradein a set of silver bracelets, receiving 233 Bound Credits in preparation for a later 

    God I hate bashing so much.
  • Re: I HEART

  • Re: Improving Imperian


    I tested Ohm's thing.

    I am about 99.9999% sure that his problem is that the default display font on Nexus is Verdana, which is not a monospace font, and that all of his formatting problems will go away if he goes into the settings and switches the font to "Monospace (Traditional)".

    The editor uses a monospace font, as does pastebin, which is why the charts display correctly there. IMO, the best 'fix' would probably be to change the default font to a monospaced font.

  • Re: I HEART

    Elokia said:
    I'm up for other ideas for holiday events that can run along side the festivals. 
    St. Paddy's Day could have had shothunts, drunken tumble races, drinking contests, arena events(possibly drunken), whatever. Limerick contests, maybe?  Dress @Caelya up as a leprechaun and chase her?

    Anything at all that takes some kind of skill and actual interaction. The current games bother me because they're entirely RNG dependent. We might as well just all roll a bunch of dice and the highest number gets to be Holiday King. They're content that doesn't really feel like content.