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  • Re: I HEART

    I heart these past few days in Imperian.

    Being directly involved with the events, getting a lot of combat in, and now taking over as Wildgraf. I know my timing was bad for some parts, but I was able to be there at the end.
  • Re: I HEART

    Before I slip ever further into the depths of being busy as f***, I wanted to thank all of you for being awesome. Seriously, I had a blast. I would call people out, but to be honest, even the bads made it fun by giving me something to laugh at.

    *cue sappy BS*

    I couldn't very well keep playing and only be able to devote an hour every other day. It's probably one of the hardest sacrifices I've had to make, which might sound kind of dumb, but really isn't. For the 6 or so years I've been playing I went from being a whiny little bi*** boy to being a whiny little bi*** man. Not a single game I own or have played has contributed so much to my life. Without wanting to pretend to be good at PK, I wouldn't have improved my coding. Without role playing someone who thought he was all that, I wouldn't have become someone who thought he was all that. I've made a few decent connections, and even a couple that went beyond the confines of electrons and became excellent friendships. Playing Imperian helped me get my project management under control, and offered an escape when I was about ready to do something stupid IRL. That probably ended up translating into doing something stupid IG.

    I've got a lot of stuff I'm infamous for, and that's cool. I can live with it, because its all part and parcel of the experience. On the other hand, I hope I've left a decent impression on a few people and helped others out. That's my parting wish, really, to have helped someone out.

    *end sappy bs* 

     My kids are moved in now and I'm excited I get to prove what I've been claiming for the past two years. So far it's been pretty awesome, but lets give it a month and I'm sure I'll be ready to tap out for a long weekend. Thanks to everyone who has wished me luck, wished me well, or wished me dead. I can't say I'll be back around, but if you hit me up on Facebook or IM I'll be glad to chat when I'm around.

    Oh, and Skype, too. Just no video chat, ladies, I don't want to break another heart. Only five a month, and I've reached my limit already.
  • Re: MUSH Client Scripting

    What I did was:

    * Make a table with key names being cures we can send, setting their values to 0.
    * Go through all afflictions, and add 1 to each one that can cure that affliction
    * Sort the cures by count and priority, in case there are some with the same count
    * Starting with the smallest count, work your way down. Every time you send a cure, deduct 1 from the other cures that can cure it. If a cure is at 0, don't send it.
  • Re: Quotes

  • Re: Quotes

    You people suck at quotes.

    Mozlok suddenly grabs Jorachim and throws him off into the distance.

    There's a quote.