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  • Re: Raiding

    There are a few different goals.

    One. An easier objective for cities to complete. Combined with the new raiding times, Khandava could raid Antioch and deface it's monument and it would only take a couple of minutes to complete. Even though Antioch can fix it right away, it still costs them something and the raiders get to win.

    Two. A different mechanic to add variety to the raiding system. Everything revolved around moving something to the gates previously. This will mean cities may have to rethink guards, and defense strategy a bit.

    Three. One city could raid, let's say Antioch, and deface the monument reducing guard damage by 10%. Another city could then raid immediately after and have that debuff running while they work to get a different objective.

    At any rate, we will see how it plays out for a few raids and adjust again. We are brainstorming a new mechanic for the next objective as well. Hopefully something that will add another layer of complexity to the system in order to make it more entertaining.
  • Re: Raiding

    I'm not sure what you mean. This is a completely optional system. You do not have to participate and you lose nothing if you stay out of it. You do not have to do any PvP. 

    The system is currently evenly balanced. Both sides have the same advantages and disadvantages.

    The relic/shrine system may need to be adjusted, but it is even on both sides. It will be something that we are taking a hard look at right now.

    Right now, the main difference is that one side is better organized. This system was purposely designed to allow people to attack at off hours and to team up with other cities in temporary alliances to raid. 

    @mirela I think we have made it very clear that we do acknowledge the role of making objectives that feel important. If players did not feel these objectives were important, they would not be working so hard to get them. We would not be having most of this conversation. Swale has made that very clear in her posts that she thinks they are very important. We are also working on making obelisks much more important in the game (see my other post)

    If I came across as saying 'lolnewbs' I apologize. Trust me, we want to make this as fair as possible for everyone involved. Raiding objectives should be a challenge to get, but not impossible, especially if you time your raids when there are few (or no) defenders.
  • Re: Raiding

    Yesterday @Septus, @Siath and I raided Kinsarmar and got the statue out of the city, upon getting it out of the city we were no longer able to move it, and the raid didn't end. After waiting for the raid to end, the Statue reset and nothing else happened. No update to Topcities, as far as I'm aware they still have access to their sewers, and we certainly don't have the statue. So what's up with that?
    Yeah. I saw that. It will be fixed shortly. Clearly something broke with all the tweaks lately. I will update everyone shortly.
  • Re: Database Problems

    All fixed.
  • Re: January 2017 Town Hall Meeting

    If the raiding system takes off more, we will add in some village objectives that may make this possible, later in the year.