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  • Re: Raiding

    Man. That guy semi looks like me... dang it.
  • Re: Raiding

    Dec said:
    Raiding Updates

    We're changing raiding so that the time that it takes to capture an objective will be influenced by the number of objectives the attacking and defending teams have respectively. If each side has only their own objectives, then the time will be as it has been. The more objectives the raider has, the longer the raid takes. Likewise, the more objectives the defender has, the shorter the raid takes. 

    Please let us know your thoughts!

     - Dec
    This should make it MUCH easier for cities with less objectives to attack cities with more objectives and more difficult for dominating cities to keep getting them.
  • Re: Raiding

    I'm not sure what you mean. This is a completely optional system. You do not have to participate and you lose nothing if you stay out of it. You do not have to do any PvP. 

    The system is currently evenly balanced. Both sides have the same advantages and disadvantages.

    The relic/shrine system may need to be adjusted, but it is even on both sides. It will be something that we are taking a hard look at right now.

    Right now, the main difference is that one side is better organized. This system was purposely designed to allow people to attack at off hours and to team up with other cities in temporary alliances to raid. 

    @mirela I think we have made it very clear that we do acknowledge the role of making objectives that feel important. If players did not feel these objectives were important, they would not be working so hard to get them. We would not be having most of this conversation. Swale has made that very clear in her posts that she thinks they are very important. We are also working on making obelisks much more important in the game (see my other post)

    If I came across as saying 'lolnewbs' I apologize. Trust me, we want to make this as fair as possible for everyone involved. Raiding objectives should be a challenge to get, but not impossible, especially if you time your raids when there are few (or no) defenders.
  • Re: Raiding

    This is a PvP game and city conflict is the best way to create PvP conflict. Conflict is created from things that feel important. This is one of the ways that things like obelisks fall flat, they are not important enough. City boundaries feel important, mobs in your city feel important, your guards talking to you feel important (although, I am going to make guard chatting a little less often). 

    Ultimately it does not really matter though, if you do not want to have to deal with PvP conflict, you do not have to participate. Don't do anything with the raiding system.

    However, that is not fun.

    Are you losing right now. Yes. But that is mainly because you're not really doing a good job organizing. Khandava and Kinsarmar should not have too much of a problem taking back objectives from Antioch if you group together and plan it out a bit more.  
  • Re: Current Sale

    Yeah. Not going to do tradeins for them. But I think we have removed all ways to get them from the game, and I doubt we will put them back in any time soon. So over the next few months you may see a demand for them start to grow.