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  • Re: New Profession: Engineer

    I would imagine most shooting skills will rely on dexterity.
  • New Profession: Engineer

    Please keep in mind that Engineer is the current working name for this class. All of the skillset names and mechanics are a work in progress and may completely change tomorrow. I am posting this basic idea to get some feedback, and because I still have not finished my Obelisk/Shardtree design doc, which is what I really want to get cooking on.

    I'm avoiding posting the abilities right now, as they are still a bigger work in progress.

    Engineer (Working Name)


    The engineer is a profession based on basic science and has nothing to do with magick. The practitioner may not ignore the magickal skills in the world of Imperian, but prefers the more reliable answers found for life's problems with the application of science.

    The skills of the engineer revolve around guns, chemicals, gyrocopters, clockworks, and similar technologies. This is a damage based class and will have limited line-of-site abilities.

    Combat Summary

    Resource Mechanic:
    When targeting and attacking a single player, the character will build up Focus. This resource can be used in several different skills and can increase the chance for a "crit" of burst damage.

    Momentum Mechanics:
    Focus serves as the primary momentum mechanic, builds up over time as the character hits a single target. The more a character focusses on a single enemy, the more his or her focus will increase. The character will slowly do more damage and recover balance faster.

    There is a secondary mechanic as well: Chemicals. These ‘chemical’ effects are added to shot ammo with abilities in the Invention skillset. Curing these new effects requires a single new curative created by engineers that shares balance with toadstool. The more stacks a character is afflicted with, the faster the cure will works. This gives an afflicted character the choice between curing immediately (and having a long cure balance) or suffering through the lower stacks, using toadstool, then fast-curing the higher stack numbers.

    Skill Sets

    Note: Skill set names are a work in progress as well.

    The Engineer’s primary weapon is the flintlock. One also uses the blunderbuss and an assortment of explosives as secondary weapons. This skillset holds all of the abilities required for using the Engineer's main and secondary weapon attacks to their maximum ability.

    The Engineer is very intelligent. As they engage with another in combat, they will focus on the enemy, learning their weak points and how to better attack. Using focus, an Engineer will be able to do a variety of targeted shots, attacks, or defences. It also has skills related to the use of they gyrocopter and other clockwork contraptions.

    Inventing is used by the Engineer to construct their various ammo types, mines, traps, bombs, gyrocopter, and clockwork contraptions.
  • Re: R.I.P. Stavenn

    On the
    @Ihsan has always been an amazing RPer, and especially in the context of Stavenn. He inspires me for sure.
    I liked what @Ihasan did in the event as well.

    @Anette sent me an entire essay from her journal detailing her experience, which was pretty nice.
  • Re: Mudlet Scripting

    Right. That is not correct. I will change that help file today. You can use triggers to do anything, as long as you are at your computer.
  • Re: January 2017 Town Hall Meeting

    If the raiding system takes off more, we will add in some village objectives that may make this possible, later in the year.