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  • Aurora on Achaea

    We have some really crappy news, especially for those of you that have been involved with IRE for a long time. One of our long time volunteers on Achaea (5 years as Aurora) has been diagnosed with incurable cancer. She has been playing our games for years and this has really hit home pretty hard.

    She has a young daughter and we are doing a gofundme to help make life a bit easier for her as they go through this process. 

    IRE is donating 3,000 dollars to start, and will match the next 3,000 dollars donated. You can get all of the information here:

    You can get a more detailed run down of the situation on the Achaea forums here:
  • Re: Diabolist Statpack

    Oh heh. I should have looked at the code. It already is dexterous. Sigh... Ignore this thread.
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  • Re: Help PK

    @Wyll I may be getting confused here.
    • Player A attacks Player B for a bounty. (Outside of a city)
    • Player C attacks Player A to defend Player B.
    • Player A can then kill Player C then or at a later time. (This is what I meant was fine)
    • Player A DOES NOT get to kill Player B an extra time because Player C defended him successfully. 
    I think this is what you are talking about. Let me know if I'm confused or if that is confusing.
  • Re: Help PK

    Updated HELP PK with:

    8) While we keep absolute PK rules as minimal as possible, there are PK situations that have some additional guidelines: champions, assassinations, raiding, bounties, and shardfalls. These are optional systems, but if you do participate, you need to know the rules. See HELP BOUNTIES, HELP RAIDING, HELP CHAMPIONS, HELP ASSASSINATION, and HELP SHARDS for more information.

    Updated HELP SHARDS with:

    Note: Players are open to PK from other players while in areas with an active Shardfall in them, participating or not. If another character engages you in combat while you are in the area, and you flee, attacking characters are permitted to continue their assault for a reasonable amount of time. If you are the attacker in this situation, we expect to see that you engaged the other character while they were in the area and continued to chase and press the attack as they fled. 

    Updated HELP BOUNTIES with:

    If you participate in the optional bounty system, you are willingly putting yourself into a PK situation. If you accept a bounty and then attack or kill another character in a bounty, you are opting into the system and that character can attempt to get revenge on you within the normal PK rules.


    If you participate in the optional assassination system, you are willingly putting yourself into a PK situation. If you accept a contract and then attack or kill another character, you are opting into the system and that character can attempt to get revenge on you within the normal PK rules.

  • Re: Raiding

    There are a few different goals.

    One. An easier objective for cities to complete. Combined with the new raiding times, Khandava could raid Antioch and deface it's monument and it would only take a couple of minutes to complete. Even though Antioch can fix it right away, it still costs them something and the raiders get to win.

    Two. A different mechanic to add variety to the raiding system. Everything revolved around moving something to the gates previously. This will mean cities may have to rethink guards, and defense strategy a bit.

    Three. One city could raid, let's say Antioch, and deface the monument reducing guard damage by 10%. Another city could then raid immediately after and have that debuff running while they work to get a different objective.

    At any rate, we will see how it plays out for a few raids and adjust again. We are brainstorming a new mechanic for the next objective as well. Hopefully something that will add another layer of complexity to the system in order to make it more entertaining.