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Jeremy Saunders
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  • Re: Classleads: Summer 2k17

    I'm following this discussion, but it will be a while before we get to classleads. We will release Engineers and then let that settle into combat a little, tweak them as needed, and then we can start into classleads a little. Keep in mind though, that we are still working on revamping the rest of the PvP systems as well. 

    Basically, don't think we are starting classleads next week or something.
  • Re: Leylines and Surges

    I would like to see increased benefits based on total number of leylines influenced instead of just area effects.

    Either a benefit for the circle with the most leylines captured at any given time, or benefits like:

    1-5 leylines capture = benefit 1
    6-10 = benefit 2
    11-20 = benefit 3
    21+ = benefit 4
    Yeah. This is something we have considered. I actually did not think that leylines would be this popular, but I am loving it. 

    We will probably take another pass at them before the end of the year.
  • Re: Current Sale

    I'm not ignoring your concerns here. I'm out of town for the holiday.

    For the aquamarine, I wonder if making it area confined would be a idea people could get behind. At least then the person doing the curing is at risk. Perhaps with a room message indicating the character had been cured by unknown power.

    For the tome, I think the time may be a bit too long. With the hour cool down, I think it is just a short respite from damage more then anything. Of course, the effectiveness of that is dependent upon the class you are fighting. 

    I will think about this a little more today as you guys give more feedback. 
  • Re: Help PK

    Updated HELP PK with:

    8) While we keep absolute PK rules as minimal as possible, there are PK situations that have some additional guidelines: champions, assassinations, raiding, bounties, and shardfalls. These are optional systems, but if you do participate, you need to know the rules. See HELP BOUNTIES, HELP RAIDING, HELP CHAMPIONS, HELP ASSASSINATION, and HELP SHARDS for more information.

    Updated HELP SHARDS with:

    Note: Players are open to PK from other players while in areas with an active Shardfall in them, participating or not. If another character engages you in combat while you are in the area, and you flee, attacking characters are permitted to continue their assault for a reasonable amount of time. If you are the attacker in this situation, we expect to see that you engaged the other character while they were in the area and continued to chase and press the attack as they fled. 

    Updated HELP BOUNTIES with:

    If you participate in the optional bounty system, you are willingly putting yourself into a PK situation. If you accept a bounty and then attack or kill another character in a bounty, you are opting into the system and that character can attempt to get revenge on you within the normal PK rules.


    If you participate in the optional assassination system, you are willingly putting yourself into a PK situation. If you accept a contract and then attack or kill another character, you are opting into the system and that character can attempt to get revenge on you within the normal PK rules.

  • Re: Help PK

    Anette said:
    The one thing that I've personally been a bit miffed for in the past was shardfalls.  One happened in a bashing area I was in - can't recall which but it doesn't matter - and almost immediately someone jumped me before anyone could have reasonably even found shards, let alone harvested them.  This seems like the kind of thing that's in adherence with the letter of the rules but probably not the spirit of them.  It seems reasonable to say if you go after someone when the fall first drops and they just sod off elsewhere and don't come back (as I did), it's probably not much of a reasonable PK .. er, reason, at that point.  (Last sentence brought to you by the redundant department of redundancy).
    Yeah, I can see how this would be pretty annoying.