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Jeremy Saunders
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  • Re: Halloween Event(?) & Tokens

    I should have the beginning of the Halloween event started today. Trying to make the prizes work right.
  • Re: Stagnation and super duper lame October promotion

    Hey guys. We will have some Halloween stuff going on soon this month. Fear not. 

    I will change up the items in the sale as well if you are unhappy with them.
  • Re: Classleads: Summer 2k17

    I'm following this discussion, but it will be a while before we get to classleads. We will release Engineers and then let that settle into combat a little, tweak them as needed, and then we can start into classleads a little. Keep in mind though, that we are still working on revamping the rest of the PvP systems as well. 

    Basically, don't think we are starting classleads next week or something.
  • Re: Leylines and Surges

    I would like to see increased benefits based on total number of leylines influenced instead of just area effects.

    Either a benefit for the circle with the most leylines captured at any given time, or benefits like:

    1-5 leylines capture = benefit 1
    6-10 = benefit 2
    11-20 = benefit 3
    21+ = benefit 4
    Yeah. This is something we have considered. I actually did not think that leylines would be this popular, but I am loving it. 

    We will probably take another pass at them before the end of the year.
  • Re: Current Sale

    I'm not ignoring your concerns here. I'm out of town for the holiday.

    For the aquamarine, I wonder if making it area confined would be a idea people could get behind. At least then the person doing the curing is at risk. Perhaps with a room message indicating the character had been cured by unknown power.

    For the tome, I think the time may be a bit too long. With the hour cool down, I think it is just a short respite from damage more then anything. Of course, the effectiveness of that is dependent upon the class you are fighting. 

    I will think about this a little more today as you guys give more feedback.