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Jeremy Saunders
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  • Re: Improving Imperian

    Feedback noted. @Owyn

    You too @Aodan

  • Re: New Engineer Class

    Currently it appears the main issue is with comm costs. I will take a good look at that over the weekend and make some changes early next week. Thanks for the feedback thus far. I am not super happy with the PvE options currently, so I may look at some adjustments there as well.

    Thanks again.
  • Re: Apparitions Event


    Let me continue this a bit more and try to broach your specific concerns about having a plan for the entity and the fact that the plan can't proceed now that she's dead. 

    I semi addressed this in the first part of my post, in which Entities do not come back. In addition, no one has mentioned a possible story for her, to us. There is no way we would be able to bring her back as a character (not sure that is something you were looking to do though).

    Esmyrsia was orginally written as a fairly campy villainous role, overall. She made a habit of searching for new sources of power and trying to seize them, including dangerous activities like opening or using demonic rifts. It is within her character to be opportunistic and attempt to take power from Death's Door, and it fit in well with the story of the event and the decisions made throughout it. Ultimately, it didn't work out for her this time, but in the process her energies empowered Charon; her story doesn't end solely in a mistake or failure, but also in sacrifice to allow for Charon's empowerment and the defense of the Physical Realm from Legion.

    As far as giving no warning and it being a shock - we never talk to sects before their entities die, for several reasons. The largest is that if we did, the event would feel like it was on rails (this one wasn't), and the people that had foreknowledge wouldn't get as much out of the event in general. It pulls them out of the event entirely, either because they don't care about it anymore (because it's doing something they don't want), or because since they know the outcome, the motivation is gone.

    I hope this at least touched on your concerns. 
  • Re: Mudlet 3.6.0 - code beautifier, search online, prompt trigger type, more UI customisation

    Huzzah for Mudlet.
  • Re: Halloween Event(?) & Tokens

    I should have the beginning of the Halloween event started today. Trying to make the prizes work right.