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  • R.I.P. Stavenn

    Date: 1/16/2017 at 20:57
    From: Jeremy
    To : Everyone
    Subj: City Reduction

    After much deliberation we have decided to retire Stavenn from the game.

    It is hard to remove any large player orgs from the game world, as they all have a history and loyal player base that is going to be very disappointed.

    Stavenn has been selected for a variety of reasons, the largest being the fact it has the lowest population and playtime of any of the cities.

    As a game world, we need to group people together in order to increase community for existing players and add help for new players. Logging into an empty city in the middle of the day is not fun for anyone.

    This will include dissolving the Noctusari and Diavolous guilds. We are going to change the Stavenn affiliated townes to an unaffiliated status, free from any player city or council control.

    Gold and credits from the orgs will need to be removed by leaders and distributed as they see fit. City shop and house owners will have a week or so to get their items those locations.

    We will be working on some code to refund shop and house owners for a portion of any addons they may have purchased. It will not be a full 100% refund.

    We will be running an event this weekend, which will culminate in the destruction of Stavenn. The event will give players who are interested in helping, either with the destruction or fighting against it, a chance to do so. We will include events posts and honours for players that participate in that way.

    We will be saving all news posts, rooms, and other data from the involved orgs in case they are needed in the future.

    If you have any questions, please email at or message me in-game.

    Penned by my hand on the 15th of Ferinus, in the year 125 AM.


    Rest in peace, beloved Stavenn.

    From the beginning, you were a hated child, the obnoxious one, the bully, the enemy. You had the coolest skills, the craziest men, the meanest of roles played. You took nothing lying down and you bred generation after generation of fighters, both skilful and hapless. It would be remiss of us to debate their contribution based on their likability, for what is a good guy with no enemy? What is a hero with no foe? Boring, is what.

    I adored you, oh Stavenn. You who forged much of the early world against the slavering fools of the desert. You who stood for the empowerment of the individual, at whatever cost. You who decided that bickering and politicking was an unnecessary detractor to greatness, merely the wasting of the time of all involved; you stood up and said, there is but ONE RULE and that is MIGHT MAKES RIGHT. Is this not true to this day?

    I lament you, my beloved Stavenn. For what the price of peace? For what the price of agreeability? Age tore away at your strength, but criticism tore away your will. For a century or more, the Imperial Parade was bulwarked with walls and unseeing defenders, guarding your spirit that had died long ago.

    And here we are, the end of a journey, the arrival at the destination. Diseased from birth, you played a role no one else could. You played it for as long as you could, as hard as you could and no other player in the game has fulfilled their promise with such verve and elegance. Know that while long though the corruption of peace, equality and justice had metastasised into the very marrow of your bones, those of us who first called you home still carry you in our hearts, though our bodies have long left your bloodied halls.

    Rest in peace, beloved Stavenn.

  • Happy Holidays

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays. :) Have a wonderful time off, and all the best for 2017.

  • Re: I HEART

    i heart the admin for this:

    Bowing his head, Pypo calls out in supremacy to Nature, summoning its wild power. A soft red lambency radiates around him as the light of Sukhder bathes his frail mortal form, and the power of the natural world susurrates around him. Your body begins to shift and shudder as he transforms into a Weaver; an arachnid hunter and spinner of lesser souls' fates.

    True to his name, Pypo deftly weave a silvery cocoon of spider-silk around himself. He runs one taloned finger over the strings and they begin to resonate, and then thicken much like scales, leaving him protected from harm.

    Pypo whispers a soft evocation to Nature, demanding it bend to his will; foliage bursts around him as Nature heeds his call to grant him protection.

    Reminds me very much of this:

  • Re: Obelisk/War Update

    i think there is a lot of selective memory going on with obelisks. sure there was lots of "let's bring out the poker table" (which i liked anyways) but some of of the most fun times i had with it was going assassin and using phase and evade to recapture nodes while my team was respawning. the enemy forces would split to try to keep all four nodes and i could "slow down" their capture rate by harassing and retaking and eliminating those who strayed from the group.

    good fun.
    Good times.
  • Re: Shardfall and PVP activity


    it has been a really long time since I last felt the thrill of a call-to-arms upon login...

    ring: Iniar!
    ring: #roomnum
    ring: #roomnum
    ring: #roomnum
    ring: def up!
    ring: .
    ring: .
    ring: .
    ring: #roomnum
    ring: #roomnum
    ring: #roomnum

    -insert deathsight messages-

    -finish def up-

    Iniar: sooooo, where we fightin'?

    Reflecting on it, I feel that that sense of urgency and excitement was due to a few reasons, ranked in terms of how my perception of their relevance:
    - Imperian combat was new to me at the time
    - I was much less artifacted than I am now, so getting PK kills in shardfalls were a good part of building PK experience
    - I had a visceral hate for Septus and AM because they kept beating us; I wanted to win (i-l-u-2 bb)
    - I felt the compulsion to help the people on my side, because I liked them
    - Shardfalls mattered, because investing in the shard skill-tree would yield benefits, both non-combat and combat related
    - I liked killing people

    When I inspect those reasons now, all the reasons are no longer valid. Somewhere along the line, I had lost my appetite for combat; there was no primary reason, nor triggering event.

    I have played this game for about 3 years now, which is relatively short compared to some of the other players before they retired. I've never been through a cycle where a mechanic has been exhausted and the game lies in a state of quiescence, and it was quite frustrating for me. I had spent all this time and money learning about this game so I could carry a connection to the same people no matter where my employer(s) sent me.

    Backtracking, I feel now that although Imperian combat has aged on me a little, it still is, in my opinion, a lot of fun.

    I also feel that, while I no longer hate Septus & co with the same intensity that I used to, I no longer have someone or some people that I would consider 'opposition'. This highlights the indispensable role of combat leaders, people who are willing and capable enough to lead fights, and willing enough to be hated for it (hopefully by the other side(s) only). There's a fine line between being a nuisance, a disruptive force, a fight-trigger and then someone who people loathe and snub/reject/kick out.

    I no longer feel the compulsion to help my fellow city-mates. Why? To place this in context, I used to care enough to write, package and service combat systems for Demonic. I did this for about three to six months before I threw a tantrum and stopped. That is another discussion in itself. So why do I no longer feel the compulsion to help city-mates? I suspect it's because the city has about as much relevance to me as 'thanks for the shard-skills, laterzzzzzzz'.

    I no longer feel much satisfaction in killing people. Class mastery is also a magnitude less relevant when placed in the context of prolonged imbalanced design.

    Finally, the one thing in that list that the admin -can- control directly: shardfall relevance.

    I don't have any good ideas. All I will say is that when winning shardfalls had -direct- impact on access to skillsets for the city and circle, they were a whole lot more interesting. Once Antimagick had completed their tree, and Demonic's attempts petered out, it became irrelevant. Much like how Juran sees Obelisks as fights that used to matter, I agree that there should be an attempt to recreate things-that-matter-to-groups. Does that mean renewing and undoing the efforts of those who have invested time and energy into the existing system? Possibly. Does it mean designing a system that will have periodic renewals and draw from a pool of variable rewards to keep it fresh? Possibly. Does it mean designing rewards that are staggered so that no one ends up feeling like a 100% loser? Probably. Does it mean designing a system that limits the competitive period to generate that intense pressure to win, then lapses into a sustained benefit phase, and subsequently goes through a rebirth to allow other people to take another shot? Probably.

    Will it come to fruition?

    Will it come to fruition in time?

    Who knows.