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  • Re: Obelisk/War Update

    i think there is a lot of selective memory going on with obelisks. sure there was lots of "let's bring out the poker table" (which i liked anyways) but some of of the most fun times i had with it was going assassin and using phase and evade to recapture nodes while my team was respawning. the enemy forces would split to try to keep all four nodes and i could "slow down" their capture rate by harassing and retaking and eliminating those who strayed from the group.

    good fun.
    Good times.
  • Re: Shard Update

    A fractured macadam (moradeim):
    - Set your health and mana to a random percentage value (1-100). This can either help you or hurt you.

    Please don't do this. Moradeim almost always has the unenviable position of having a +ve and -ve, whereas the other thematic powers almost never do.. Just because it is thematically Change doesn't mean it has to be bidirectional-unimetric, or between a good choice and crap choice.

    Edit: Alternatively,

    Shardfall Items
    An emerald cluster (nature):
    - Gain the protection of nature with a +20% to all resists in non-urban environments, but gain a -20% malus in all urban and/or indoor environments.

    A prismatic geode (true sight):
    - Ability to see the locations and owners of all the special shardfall items, but loss of access to deathsight.

    A slab of copper (efficiency):
    - 10% faster balance recovery, 10% slower equilibrium recovery.

    A piece of enigmatic shale (aryana):
    - 10% faster equilibrium recovery, 10% slower balance recovery.

    A fractured macadam (moradeim):
    - Set your health and mana to a random percentage value (1-100). This can either help you or hurt you.

    A bloody-red cabochon (sukhder):
    - Ability to destroy all walls at no balance cost. Inability to construct Shard Walls.
  • Re: What do you play outside of Imperian?

    I just finished Song of the Deep not all that long ago on console. A few of the puzzles were irritating due to control sensitivity, which I have a suspicion might be easier on PC, but it was a highly enjoyable game overall.
    Almost everything is easier on PC. The main reason I won't use consoles is because I won't give up my keyboard+mouse control combo because controllers are worse for basically everything.

    people think the thumb is such a great joint for fine control via a joystick but accessing the multi-axial joint is two joints away from the pulp of the thumb. sure, there're 8 muscles controlling the movements but they're almost impossible to control independently unless you spend an inordinate amount of time training precision of the flexor and get this compensatory muscle bulge which is hilarious.

    on the other hand, you can leverage one large joint for quick, imprecise movements corrected by one multi-axial joint (wrist) followed by rapid single axis correction with at least three well innervated muscles of the forearm... i don't see why people still think joysticks controlled by thumbs are a great idea.
  • Re: ToA Feedback Megathread

    The quiz was no fun. It'd make more sense being a directed interaction (make up a fun poem about Malkav and something relevant in his lore/other Gods, etc. etc.) rather than the repetition of old history that really doesn't engage anyone to explore the underlying stories. 10/10 decision to remove quiz.
  • Re: Quotes

    A skull deathmask
    When worn, this mask will hide your identity in deathsight messages.

    I disapprove.