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  • Re: Split discussion: Housing Protection Addon

    Jules said:
    I don't understand why top combatants would want to break into a house in a city where someone who probably only dabbles in combat is having a tea party in the first place.  How is that exciting and why would you choose that over caravans/shard falls/obelisks or just jumping the other people who are actually at least somewhat good (compared to your own abilities)?  Imperian actually does have something of an AFK problem even when Ironbeard isn't around (right now, I get it, the system is what it is), and I'd *much* rather those people AFK in a house, to be honest.  
    There are a lot of problems with Imperian.

    What appears to be happening is an increasing segregation of the two 'pools' of players - people who predominantly roleplay ("A") and people who predominantly fight ("B"). In and of itself, this isn't a bad thing. However, taking both the age of the game and the size of the player-base ('ecosystem'), the "B" population is no longer sustainable on the merits of fighting and even conflict-generating mechanisms alone.

    Take a minute to consider this:
    The necessary ingredients for -good- roleplay are: 2 persons good at roleplay.
    The necessary ingredients for -good- fights are: 2 persons good at fighting with fairly equivalent investments in time, resources and comparable skillsets.

    What does it take to make a tea party:

    What does it take to make a basic fighter:
    50 - 150 lines of code. 

    So innately and through pure work alone, the requisites for a 'good' fight are more 'scarce' (not more 'difficult', Teravi). This leads to an extremely dilute experience - think 5 minutes of entertainment per 3 hours. Accordingly, your "B" population self-selects out and continues to dwindle in size (and therefore, sustainable and meaningful fight-type interactions dwindle)

    What happens is an increasingly empowered "A" population by virtue of a non-loss bias. Any minimal 'loss' is weighted more heavily than it deserves because of the visceral experience. Therefore, increasingly, "A" population are given tools to cope, creating further segregation. To put this in perspective, 1 death means as much as 5 deaths to a "B", whereas for an "A", 1 (unwarranted) death is really, really irritating.

    In this current situation, the implementation of 'safe' zones are an implementation of unnecessary amplitude for the ascribed problem. The issue system exists for a reason.

    Of course the argument goes both ways; no "A" person has ever forced their roleplay on a "B"... right? The mechanical equivalent would be a room that disabled all emotes, custom emotes, and says.
  • R.I.P. Stavenn

    Date: 1/16/2017 at 20:57
    From: Jeremy
    To : Everyone
    Subj: City Reduction

    After much deliberation we have decided to retire Stavenn from the game.

    It is hard to remove any large player orgs from the game world, as they all have a history and loyal player base that is going to be very disappointed.

    Stavenn has been selected for a variety of reasons, the largest being the fact it has the lowest population and playtime of any of the cities.

    As a game world, we need to group people together in order to increase community for existing players and add help for new players. Logging into an empty city in the middle of the day is not fun for anyone.

    This will include dissolving the Noctusari and Diavolous guilds. We are going to change the Stavenn affiliated townes to an unaffiliated status, free from any player city or council control.

    Gold and credits from the orgs will need to be removed by leaders and distributed as they see fit. City shop and house owners will have a week or so to get their items those locations.

    We will be working on some code to refund shop and house owners for a portion of any addons they may have purchased. It will not be a full 100% refund.

    We will be running an event this weekend, which will culminate in the destruction of Stavenn. The event will give players who are interested in helping, either with the destruction or fighting against it, a chance to do so. We will include events posts and honours for players that participate in that way.

    We will be saving all news posts, rooms, and other data from the involved orgs in case they are needed in the future.

    If you have any questions, please email at or message me in-game.

    Penned by my hand on the 15th of Ferinus, in the year 125 AM.


    Rest in peace, beloved Stavenn.

    From the beginning, you were a hated child, the obnoxious one, the bully, the enemy. You had the coolest skills, the craziest men, the meanest of roles played. You took nothing lying down and you bred generation after generation of fighters, both skilful and hapless. It would be remiss of us to debate their contribution based on their likability, for what is a good guy with no enemy? What is a hero with no foe? Boring, is what.

    I adored you, oh Stavenn. You who forged much of the early world against the slavering fools of the desert. You who stood for the empowerment of the individual, at whatever cost. You who decided that bickering and politicking was an unnecessary detractor to greatness, merely the wasting of the time of all involved; you stood up and said, there is but ONE RULE and that is MIGHT MAKES RIGHT. Is this not true to this day?

    I lament you, my beloved Stavenn. For what the price of peace? For what the price of agreeability? Age tore away at your strength, but criticism tore away your will. For a century or more, the Imperial Parade was bulwarked with walls and unseeing defenders, guarding your spirit that had died long ago.

    And here we are, the end of a journey, the arrival at the destination. Diseased from birth, you played a role no one else could. You played it for as long as you could, as hard as you could and no other player in the game has fulfilled their promise with such verve and elegance. Know that while long though the corruption of peace, equality and justice had metastasised into the very marrow of your bones, those of us who first called you home still carry you in our hearts, though our bodies have long left your bloodied halls.

    Rest in peace, beloved Stavenn.

  • Re: Now Playing

    I hate that listening to this gets me sequentially excited and then depressed that there isn't going to be a Dredd 2 with Karl Urban:

  • Re: Treasure Maps

    It can't ALL be interesting.
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