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  • Re: Raiding

    'Organizing' is 90% jargon for having population. That's it. We 'organized' today because I called a raid based on the available numbers. Beyond that, it's 'block forward/wall otherwise, kill defenders, move objective, move to objective, repeat'. I have zero control over who I have available, and that is absolutely the largest determinant in a raid. There is room in that 10% for us to improve, certainly, but 'It's okay guys, just come raid!' is condescending af like we haven't been taking raid opportunities.

    E: Oh look at Antioch 'organizing' now because they have a pop advantage. Much strategery, how u do?

  • Re: Raiding

    While @Dec had pretty epic response time to my bug about the miasma, that was disheartening.

  • Re: Raiding

    Fanglor said:
    I also don't get why people are trying to balance around timezones. Off hour raiding has been an IRE staple for decades 
    Timezone warrioring is a natural phenomenon of risk/reward management in games that you have to deal with, even if you have tens of thousands of active users. Natural is not always good.
  • Re: Raiding

    Demonic hasn't raided since the last set of changes (the -25% move time one) because I didn't want to commit against siege lines + 10 guard clots with anything resembling an actual defense after we failed at doing it against no opposition. 5 rooms is still enough to take a fair amount of damage, and the relatively close circle balance at the moment across most timezones (plus the tendency for people to stick their noses in :3) means it's still immensely weighed in the defender's favor.

    Also, Aranel auto-aggroed on us in the last raid, and she hits like a monster. Dealing with her + patrols + siege would likely need a good handful of people spamming desublimators and a couple people to protect the guy on objective, then you will usually have at least 1-2 people who will try to defend. Killing the guards is too time-consuming to be an option for whittling down defenders, especially with them being able to shield :<

    Maybe drop the siege range down more, turn objective movement into a soft channel (like shard harvesting), make guards more vulnerable to criticals? Dragging should definitely stop the raid NPC from attacking, and mob shields need to be breakable :(

    I'm torn on whether the time needs to be messed with. I honestly like the small time window since it's easier to know I won't have to suddenly afk mid-conflict. I could maybe stand for the cooldown to go down to 12h if not down to 8h. The diminishing debuff near the end mostly feels like the end of the raid, too, so I wouldn't mind seeing it go.
  • Re: Raiding

    We stayed far longer than we should have with the ridiculous clot in place as it was :| We would have gladly taken a do-over with things working, though :>
    Otherwise for comments on recent changes, the incoming siege felt endurable if still a definite advantage for the defenders.