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  • Re: Classleads: Summer 2k17

    So, Zerkers

    Bloodlet at 0 bleed did 9 from Oz (longsword and serrated had no effect, he was using a scimi), whole combo does 18 with one aff. Damage was awful, like 75-80 raw phys a combo on me. He literally never had a chance to haemo with active clotting, and toadstool covered the mana usage.
    The aff-heavy hybrid route is 91 raw cutting/blunt, so 32 a combo on me. The aps is enough for a hybrid class (1.03), but the damage (even with the occasional claymore thwack from eviscerate) barely stresses health even with sensitivity frequently up.

    Cae's lacerate with a L1 (not sure if it impacts bleed) was 9 bleed as well, with 11 from teeth procs every other combo. That makes double lacerate ~95 raw phys minus her L1 damage, 18 bleed (29 every other), and two toxins. Lac/shred is 9 bleed, haemo+aff or 2 affs, and marginally less damage (from 56 to 54 raw on the shred hit). And even that was just pressuring down my mana slowly against my clot to zero. Granted, Caelya manuals her affs and there's a .15 aps difference,  so there's more room for me to clear haemo versus her.

    A potential 45% health instakill (90% out of mana%+health%) does make it a bit harder to throw too much power, though. At the very least, bloodlet should have its initial surge improved to not be exactly equal to lacerate. You could also maybe scale the burst off of number of physical affs, creating a way for Berserker to hit their haemo threshold and a clear progression of aff stack -> alternate burst bleed with aff/aff/pierce -> shatter.
    Since there's no bleed-> aff, disorient could do a double dose at a bleeding threshold. It won't cause too bad of a feedback loop with mentals not on the bloodlet scale + no impatience.
  • Re: I HEART

    I love Imperian, but I'm abusive.
  • Re: Classleads: Summer 2k17

    Professions being behind a paywall also inhibits the creation of superusers. 

    Bard - Resonance is not successfully gating people's choices. +3 every 2.5 (assuming double resonance word combos) and -2 every 5 means you'll hit resonance cap around 8 combos (10 for singers) after songing up, each with 2-5 affs that then leads to taking those aff combos with massive damage thrown on top. I anticipate having to pop moonwort about 4-5 combos in for the standard Iluvbot offense. And no one even uses the lol that is Oyiem to guarantee you'll never lose an aff battle (not that it's particularly needed with double passive cures). The only saving grace is that their holding is limited to RG sketch engage and aff-based hinders.
  • Re: Classleads: Summer 2k17

    Anyone can comment on a classlead, but only admin can read them. I can't recall if I commented on that specific example, but hypochondria is strong enough that the 1/2 of impatience/hypochondria is rarely outperformed. I don't think I have any perfect suggestions, but the two I had in mind were
    1 - make it readd suggestions from the stack to the back of the queue when they tick. It removes the (frankly unnecessary) affliction power in exchange for empowering the trance (effectively, lower burst aff/sec for higher aff/sec over time).
    2- rework it into an aff that causes aff effects (except for its own) to linger for 1-2s. Example: Bob has hypochondria and confusion. Bob eats wormwood, but the effect persists for a moment and makes his next spell take longer. This would remove its affliction rate entirely but be pretty aggravating.

  • Re: Mudlet UI

    E: Just remembered I use older mmp code. Looking at the new stuff, I extra have no idea with the floating window.

    I wish I could say how I got it there, but it's been ages and the mmp code is kinda uggo. If I break it using the smallmap/bigmap command, this function fixes it for me

    function resizer()

    local winwidth,winheight = getMainWindowSize()


    local bottom_height = winheight*.08


    local top_height = winheight*.36



    ---left 28.5% right 21.5% 50%

    local mainWrap = (winwidth/calcFontSize(8))*.6