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  • Re: Champions/Boneyards

  • Re: November Wheel Promo

    Make it a UW bashing buff.
  • Re: November Wheel Promo

    I only bought credit spins in a successful attempt to grab the 500c prize. I got lucky overall and came out ahead. Otherwise, I plan to do what I always do with these and just pay for the new shinies that I care about.

    On that note:

    Great additions: pixie, note, poster, bottle. I personally dumped some creds into a pixie squadron and a handful of notes.

    ?: The cloak. Is it just a backflip on the second jump? Does it have some other special qualities? Does it cost balance?

    Whut: The herbs are an interesting idea? But uh. I got like 2-3 per drop of the ones from the 25c spin. Even the 1shot-inhume herb is going to have a hard time selling at 100k per (even moonwort hasn't hit that price with one person holding most of the for-sale supply), so they feel like a whammy. They look like something that should just be in harvesting as more fun easter eggs to make it valuable.
  • Re: Champions/Boneyards

    I don't like it as the endcap to the system anyway. *I* like the nightmares, but I get why magickers or basics would have reservations. It's bad enough that they're all Leechwood champions. We have tons of group conflict stuff that would benefit from Would make more sense to make it sect-based and fueled by shrine conflict somehow (change 'bone' to shrine fragments earned by defiling). Give sects the choice between a few circle-based nightmares that does area-wide shrine damage every day it lives (like 1% an hour not reduced by aegis).

    Instead of binding to an area, I would say that the boneyard (anti-shrine?) should have to be in the area (increasing vulnerability), and summoning should start a 24h timer until it binds. For claiming, I'd just say that the existence of the nightmare should claim it, so if multiple sects summon their kaijuu then it becomes a race to kill while defending. Claiming could give a defile bonus, prevent other sects from putting up shrines, or some sort of shrine warfare benefit (sects don't really need any more PvE buffs). 

    As for the mechanical stuff, I have not heard one person who did plague summoning say that it was intuitive, even if Sarrius is a noob for not toggling a channel despite it not explicitly saying CHANNEL HERE (which I think everything that requires a soft or hard channel should in some way). I'm not sure if that happened to my Nihilim from one of my assistants or if the timer ran out on the binding process, so the fear of someone failing this and somehow ruining the binding process is why I tried to bind alone on my 2nd attempt (I've done four of these stupid frickin things). That backfired because I didn't successfully bind (it mentions being level-based, and I was at least L140 at the time). The 'unbinding' to the local area made me think that I had maybe just failed to send it away, so I guarded it any frickin way for no reason then put it down. The next time, I made sure I had 3 assistants who I trusted to channel, and voila.

    Once it gets to the actual nightmare part without hiccups, it's fairly fun.
  • Re: Enslavery

    So many things to address.

    Soulchain does take balance. The unique message on madness means no call is necessary, and I'd say that team enlightenment is absolutely strong (fastest I've seen is 2v2 is 8s, 10-12 is more typical) but not too far from the 2v2 timings that are possible with things like Hunter+Shaman or Hunter+Assassin. Focus Cadmus is aggravating, but it's not as high on my nnnng list as fitness or messageless active cures. I'd probably put bard and summoner about equal in that regard since Bard gets an extra cure occasionally at the cost of reliability and timing choice. Holding a Summoner is about as hard as holding someone with Raido, which I guess is unfortunate since Demonic usually has Sukhder. If you can stop the ports though, they're stuck.

    That's all beside the point of this thread titled Enslavery (read: SUMMONARGH) though. The only thing that makes damage summoner legitimately scary is when flash relapses start coming on top of a couple dupd flashes

    If I did anything to the class, it would be to lower the flash threshold or reduce the relapse damage some (leaving it mostly untouched for enlighten routes). And doppies are cray. But just those things.