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  • Re: Owned

    Maybe don't afk where you can be killed, or on a raid objective.

    Raiding is a thing. Objectives are a thing. Stand on the objectives AFK, get ganked. Simple really.
  • Re: Event Feedback, 2.0

    I attacked Michiko, Kabaal and Maglust when they were caught talking to Visyra. 

    Other than that, Galt did nothing aggressive. He just watched forts, phased all over and generally ignored the event. Despite this, whilst sat north of the Areish fort trying to confirm if the live horde were or were not attacking Khandavans, Eldreth and Lionas jumped and killed me. 

    As for the demon lords being released, Ithaquans were present at plenty of the gate openings, as were celidonians. It was by no means just Kinsarmar there, though owing to the timing of some of the gates, they comprised about half the people there at the final gate being opened. The rest were Ithaquan and Celidonian.

    It's sad that you're resorting to using Galt as a scapegoat for kicking Kinsarmar out of the alliance. I've not jumped anyone since attacking Maglust and co when they were with Visyra and I've been largely AFK since just prior to the champion-farming portion of the event. By no means have I gone on a killing spree, or done a single thing to warrant the alliance being upset. On the flip side, you, Bathan, told me "The horde don't attack anyone", and that it was fine for Stavenn and Khandava to be working with them. 

    Stavenn tried to work with the demon lords, even after the alliance was formed. They set one as patron of a guild, not long before the alliance formed, and they insisted on still working with the horde despite the horde attacking Celidon, Kinsarmar and Antioch - Yet you removed magick from the alliance because "Galt misbehaved", when I made a point of not doing so, and because people were somehow rude. 
  • Re: Event Feedback, 2.0

    I had fun, right up until the point I realised the event was going to go exactly the way everyone worried it would - Yet another event-ending taken over by players who either tried to stop the event, or barely contributed. 

    In isolation, parts of the event rocked. As a whole, however, letting one chunk of the playerbase do all the grinding then letting another snatch the ending is poor form. Those who actively opposed the efforts to obtain the hammer for the first half of the event, then sat AFK in cities/councils, should have had to deal with some consequences of that. They should not have been able to just steamroll over the ending. 

    And, being blunt, someone (Aleutia) who abused an obvious bug despite a near identical one being fixed just prior should have been excluded from the rest of the event. 
  • Re: Event Feedback, 2.0

    I didn't say anyone was afk.

    I just said offering a prize for an easily scripted part of the event is dumb. Whether or not the people using scripts are at keyboards, they shouldn't get a prize for this part of the event. 

    Does make me wonder why you both got defensive about people being afk when I never mentioned that, though.