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  • Buying scepter gems!

    I'm currently hunting for scepter gems. Whilst there are some in game on the promo market, the prices are too high and quantities low.

    I'm willing to pay 35cr per, though I'm open to negotiation if you have several to sell. Message me in game if you have any! 
  • Re: Quotes

    Nivvi Agarwaen says to you, "Did you also cheat in an erection?"

    No context.
  • Re: Owned

    Maybe don't afk where you can be killed, or on a raid objective.

    Raiding is a thing. Objectives are a thing. Stand on the objectives AFK, get ganked. Simple really.
  • Re: Classleads: Summer 2k17

    So, priest and bard aside, I'm posting here with one aim:

    Make burrowing fun again. Burrowing has been nerfed (Often with good reason) and changed substantially in ways that fundamentally broke it. Not in order, here are the changes made to burrow in a relatively short span of time back when I was last active:
    • A message added when someone moves burrowed, so you know where they've gone.
    • Burrowing deep removed entirely
    • Artifact/Token shovels added to make removing someone from burrow simpler
    Regardless of why these changes were made - And the shovel was necessary, at least, because burrow could sometimes be quicker than digging so someone determined could just burrow again - They made the skill uninteresting. Burrowing should have been slowed, or digging sped up to make it less useful as an escape. Retaining burrow deep but making it harder to initially escape whilst burrowed would have left the skill largely intact and interesting, and if the initial burrow were made sufficiently slow, it would have kept it from being an artifact-available escape skill. 

    The main issue with the current form of burrow is how limited it is in terms of mobility and usefulness, owing to the burrow deep change. Originally, certain environments such as roads could be burrowed beneath. If burrowed deep, you could burrow laterally under road and similar, but not burrow out.  The addition of the burrow movement message also meant that any use of burrow to sneak was ruined. 

    As several classes have access to burrow and it is available in artifact form, it would be nice if something could be done to restore the usefulness of the skill. I agree that it shouldn't be an escape skill on par with something like blackwind, but right now it's little better than a novelty. 

    My suggestions:
    • Let someone burrowed see buried items in the location they're burrowed in, with a balance cost to drop/get items similar to the cost to DIG them up.
    • Add an ability to perception on par with skywatch, but for burrowed individuals. Remove the message for burrowed movement.
    • Add a way to check out the room above whilst burrowed. This could be a perception ability, or an engineering item. 
    • Add profession-specific skills to burrow to the professions that have it. Example: Tremorsense, the ability to detect movement akin to alertness when burrowed. Erupt, emerge from the ground and attack. Tunneling: Loyal entities follow you whilst you burrow. 
    • Make the ability to dig/bury inherent to burrow, because it's not, and that seems odd.

    I feel that it's important to differentiate between professions with burrow and the artifact, or the artifact should come in multiple forms, with the 100cr one being the basic burrow-and-no-flavour form. It's a skill that used to be really interesting, then I went and abused it to escape combat and it ended up a shadow of what it once was.