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  • Re: Now Playing

    Similar style of video to the primitive tech one, but for blacksmithing:

  • Re: I HEART

    Getting an Illuminas' ring, two silver-weave packs, a neelamic reservoir and gem of radiant offerings in the span of 15 phylacteries.

  • Re: To those who don't RP (but might)...

    An item that lets a character raise zombies is a little different to a bashing area though. One is characters using necromancy in orgs that have really good reasons to oppose that, the other is unaffiliated NPCs to hunt.

    But yeah, reskins are probably the answer. Make the costume raise clay golems instead, or something. Not sure how to explain the need to feed corpses to it then, though.
  • The rez problem.

    Since coming back, I've noticed that it's now common for someone to die 3-4 times in a fight. They Starburst, they ink a new one, they rush back with using a piece of onyx or an idol, a spirit beacon, etc. 

    It's ridiculous, it exacerbates differences in tanking ability in 1v1s and teams and it favours certain professions over others. There seem to be a few root causes to this:

    - Starburst protects against xp loss on death, and isn't a 'real' kill anymore, so it's become much more popular
    - Starburst can be re-inked during a fight and touched as soon as it's off cooldown, and disrupting them inking is difficult.
    - Bosses drop an item that can rez you faster, which means people who can tank those bosses are less likely to stay dead, as are people who can dump credits into onyx.
    - There are multiple promo items that rez yourself or an ally. Angel idols, spirit beacons, etc. 
    - Some professions build momentum by building up a resource, which persists if their target starbursts, whilst some rely on an on-target resource which starburst wipes

    Inhume seems to be the only worthwhile counter to these tactics, and it doesn't deal with all of them. It's also a power particular to a single aspect, and it takes 4 monoliths to unlock. There's an earring to block starburst, but it has a 12 hour cooldown for one kill, and that's when linked or stacked.

    My view is this: Nuke starburst, or make it only work in PVE and repurpose onyx entirely. Angel idols have a significant cooldown, but they'd need changing too because they'd be too valuable once starburst changed. Spirit beacons would, similarly, need altering.
  • Re: Leylines, surges, and conflict

    One thing I think we really should avoid is any more PVE tanking bonuses, crit bonuses etc.

    Crit boosts are already getting a little out of hand, between sunburst, earrings and the shard skill.