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  • Re: The costs of combat

    It's not "I don't feel like bashing for my gold", it's "Why does using Bard or Shaman cost far more to use than other professions".

    I mean, we could make using Outrider icewyrm cost a few thousand gold per fight in icewyrm treats to even it out. Not a problem, right? 
  • Re: The costs of combat

    The gold inks I just used to fill in 150 sketches set me back around 60k gold. 

    The "Other things matter more" fallacy doesn't really hold any weight, here - Since this is likely something that would be covered by classleads, so any changes I suggest in that regard will happen then. Though I feel like it's worth trying to figure out ways to reduce the costs like this for classes that have them.

    Maybe a bard should be able to turn ink into a bunch of pigment, or just use one ink to fill ink the colour on a bunch of sketches at once? For Shaman, increasing the dust amount per bone and the amount of bone one ink can colour might help?


    Also how is harvesting painful? It's not like it takes long for most herbs. 
  • Re: The costs of combat

    My problem with profession-based gold sinks isn't that they exist, it's that they're vastly disparate depending on which profession you're using and some come with really irritating time/convenience issues.

    Why should the burden of profession-based gold sinks fall entirely on certain professions and not others? Toxins, for example, used to be a huge pain to make - requiring sacs even in a lab, and latter it still took a minute or more to make one vial of a toxin. It was ridiculously slow and awkward, so it got made easier over time. What's happened is that the time and gold costs of preparing have fallen or been eliminated entirely for certain professions whilst they've increased or remained in place for others. Bard in particular has always been expensive to play, but sketches now stand out because so much else has been made easier. 

    If you want gold sinks, make them apply to everyone equally. Profession gold sinks don't really do anything to balance most skills, and primary attacks and oft-used skills shouldn't be stuck with such severe ones as sketches and bonedust. Stuff like traps, however - those are balanced by having a cost, because otherwise people could carpet areas in them. 
  • Re: Leylines, surges, and conflict

    Because the slow bloat of bashing buffs and bonuses only serves to widen the potential gold earned between established players and newbies, and that's a bad thing.

    As for aspect perks, I hope that paid monoliths go the way of the dodos and the system returns to being the 1v1/small group conflict driver it was before. Perma monoliths are a horrible idea and ruined a great conflict system.
  • Re: Leylines, surges, and conflict

    One thing I think we really should avoid is any more PVE tanking bonuses, crit bonuses etc.

    Crit boosts are already getting a little out of hand, between sunburst, earrings and the shard skill.