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  • Re: Improving Imperian

    Anarys said:
    Aodan said:
    Nikau said:
    In Aetolia, once you hit 80 you will no longer take damage from starving. However, you do still get hungry - and when you are full, you get the 'sated' defense, which gives you an extra 10% exp gain, providing an incentive to eat food. 

    I think Imperian has enough xp boosts, but perhaps something similar could be implemented?
    I would like this so you can replace the owl tattoo with something more useful. Especially because at 80 is about when most newbies want to start trying out pvp and need that slot for something else like hood

    Edit: so what I'm saying is make the food buff and owl mutually exclusive I guess
    I mean, if we did the food bonus, maybe ditch owl altogether. I'm tired of trying to convince newbies not to bleed to death because someone told them they need that bit more EXP.
    Well they do
  • Re: Improving Imperian

    plz make necropolis bosses relevent again, QQ.

    Remove Death from summon or remove starburst combat cd for pve
  • Re: I HEART

    Doing Extra Life gaming charity today with my friends...I hate? I heart? Not even sure. Yay I get to bash for 25 hours straight....but I also get to play tons of other games for 25 hours straight wooo
  • Re: Quotes

    When open ended triggers to set variables for removing stuff go terribly wrong....

    remove 44569    
    remove    an Outrider's cloak, a glittery golden beard, a set of diamond bracelets, -redacted-, a pair of blackened-stehl nipplerings, a silk pack, a plain grey vialbelt, a sleeveless hunting shirt, a chainmail helm, a suit of chain mail, a pair of chainmail greaves, a pair of chainmail vambraces, a mask of lifevision, a Scholar's Sash, an Armband of Celerity, a ring of Magick's Bane, 
    remove 314076   
    remove 48342    
    remove 17595    
    remove 153231   
    remove 26675    
    remove 206207   
    remove 183279                 
    remove    A soot-blackened tinderbox, 23 chestnut vials, a bone statuette, 2 wooden vials, a blade-tipped glaive, a tattered map page of the Chorsha Underground, a Prism Pouch, a tattered map page of Whistlerock Hold, a wavering Ethereal Mirror, a silver battlecage with two clockwork figurines, a lucky clover, 4 Ethereal Ropes, a length of black rope, 3 title tokens, a white velvet hip-hugging split skirt, a sleeveless white silk blouse, an apple and walnut dark chocolate brownie, a miniature stone monolith, 3 simple oaken pipes, a chaotic crystal, 19 inscribed bloodstone pebbles, 25 inscribed malachite needles, 28 polished chunks of onyx, a gladiator's trident, a hunter's spear, a long, sharp dagger, 7 inscribed opal pebbles, 
    remove 295953   
    remove 196972   
    remove 199509   
    remove 204130   a Truesilver Ring
    remove 174550