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  • Re: I HEART

    Not enough <3 lately! One of my favorite recent interactions, from Caelbrook's point of view since I'm a bad and lost the log. Ambrosia is an old Stavennite mob who is posted up near the jail in Khandava.

    (Khandava): Ambrosia Rotclaire says, "I see we've stolen someone's grandmother 
    and thrown her into jail. I hope it was for petty larceny, at least."
    (Khandava): Caelya says, "She looked at me wrong."
    You peer at Caelya unscrupulously.
    Caelya Talmarian, the Slitherer says to you, "You're next."
    You ask Caelya, "Isn't she blind?"
    Caelya Talmarian, the Slitherer says to you, "Exactly."
    (Khandava): Ambrosia Rotclaire says, "Words to remember I assume, Prophet."
    You squint suspiciously at Caelya.
    (Khandava): Etienne says, "She's blind. I assume Caelya just walked her out the 
    gate. 'Yes, I'll walk you to Victory Circle'. Our Prophet, the giver."
    (Khandava): Ambrosia Rotclaire says, "Should she be treated as a dangerous 
    criminal, or..?"
    (Khandava): Ambrosia Rotclaire says, "Perhaps I should find her a blanket and 
    bowl of soup, and a fire to warm herself by instead."
    (Khandava): Caelya says, "I'd say to use your best judgment, but Stavennites 
    aren't really known for that."
    You give a trillingly melodic laugh.
    (Khandava): Ambrosia Rotclaire says, "Wouldn't it be a shame if the prisoner 
    escaped. I'm sure I could never figure out how it could occur."

    @Antioch - I hope you know that while she was gone, we decided that Bina was Baddie Winkle.
  • WTB 10 paid spins for 350 credits

    Hoping to find someone who'd like more credits than you'd get for $79.99. I'd be able to provide 350 unbound credits for 10 paid spins purchased for Etienne on the website.

    Reach out to me via in-game messages if interested.
  • Re: Current Sale

    With the return of the Wheel with this month's promo, is there any way that titletokens could be made into an item you could trade in for 1cr? Most of the other promotional items can be. :smiley:
  • Re: I HEART

    I'm sad that I missed it. There have been some great skirmishes lately, it seems like.
    SeigSkyeJeremy Saunders
  • Re: Improving Imperian Split: Shifting Focus

    Khandava has been involved and most often been the primary demonic component in a number of events since I started. If I review the events of the last year or so, I can only find a handful that we did not participate in and almost all were small, inner-org interactions for a particular guild.

    We had solid interaction in the 'egg wagon' and ice golem/Alekhmanhahla events, the shade ritual and nightmare plagues. For the tenth monolith event, Khandava reached out to Kinsarmar to form an agreement and worked to relax unwelcome statuses afterward to continue interaction with them. Caelya is prominently listed in the recent diabolist release.

    Making a sweeping change based on the fear that an organization that has been active in events might not participate in a future event isn't sound. It certainly has not been my experience as an active Khandavan.

    I could make the same argument in reverse of Antioch, and state that if an event was not up to their PK standards, they would turn around and leave. That doesn't make it accurate.