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  • Re: I HEART

    They even let her keep her fava beans in the cell!
  • Re: I HEART

    Not enough <3 lately! One of my favorite recent interactions, from Caelbrook's point of view since I'm a bad and lost the log. Ambrosia is an old Stavennite mob who is posted up near the jail in Khandava.

    (Khandava): Ambrosia Rotclaire says, "I see we've stolen someone's grandmother 
    and thrown her into jail. I hope it was for petty larceny, at least."
    (Khandava): Caelya says, "She looked at me wrong."
    You peer at Caelya unscrupulously.
    Caelya Talmarian, the Slitherer says to you, "You're next."
    You ask Caelya, "Isn't she blind?"
    Caelya Talmarian, the Slitherer says to you, "Exactly."
    (Khandava): Ambrosia Rotclaire says, "Words to remember I assume, Prophet."
    You squint suspiciously at Caelya.
    (Khandava): Etienne says, "She's blind. I assume Caelya just walked her out the 
    gate. 'Yes, I'll walk you to Victory Circle'. Our Prophet, the giver."
    (Khandava): Ambrosia Rotclaire says, "Should she be treated as a dangerous 
    criminal, or..?"
    (Khandava): Ambrosia Rotclaire says, "Perhaps I should find her a blanket and 
    bowl of soup, and a fire to warm herself by instead."
    (Khandava): Caelya says, "I'd say to use your best judgment, but Stavennites 
    aren't really known for that."
    You give a trillingly melodic laugh.
    (Khandava): Ambrosia Rotclaire says, "Wouldn't it be a shame if the prisoner 
    escaped. I'm sure I could never figure out how it could occur."

    @Antioch - I hope you know that while she was gone, we decided that Bina was Baddie Winkle.
  • Re: Caelya's Discount Art Commissions

    All I see is proof that Somerled is taller.
  • Re: Improving Imperian Split: Shifting Focus


    I stand with Khandava absorbing Stavenn being the easiest option. Treat it like a guild merger, and have one org absorb the other. You have said that Stavenn has been fairly dead. Khandava has several active citizens who are pushing for positive change. While creating a wholly new organization would be apt for some councils/cities, I do not think that would work well for the reasons below:

    Khandava transitioned from a magick org to a demonic org in 2011. No redescriptions were made of the council and the onus of altering the council's roleplay was placed upon its active members. Many of the same people involved in the initial changes are still active and have tirelessly worked over the course of the last five years to see substantial change to the council's guilds and role in the world.

    Creation of a new organization is asking us to do this a second time. We have already done it once. Merging citizens into Khandava would be an easy transition and allow us to see who is active and who is not, and add to our active population and leadership.

    If we keep the layout of the council and merge into a new joined organization, it opens up another problem. Stavenn is fairly dead for a reason. Likewise, the majority of Khandavans keep ring off for a reason. Merging their leadership could easily turn Khandava into Stavenn 2.0, which risks losing a much larger portion of the active population.

    I am certain that merging Stavenn into Khandava as Khandavan citizens would mean that everyone would be afforded a fair chance regardless of their former status. Caelya is not unreasonable. Undesirable behavior (think less disagreeing and more lengthy public space discussion of an explicitly sexual nature) could be dealt with without much trouble, and at the end of the day, both demonic and our new player population would benefit from an increased population in an organization with a strong, established role.
  • Re: I HEART

    I heart admin. @Jeremy, thanks for going out of your way to help me out despite my having bypassed IG idiot-proofing.

    CaelyaAnetteIniarDiceneJeremy Saunders