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  • Re: WTB 10 paid spins for 350 credits

    Since I promised @Wyll, this was the result of the 25 paid spins I bought with cash and/or traded credits for throughout the month. This only includes the new items, the rest were ancestral chips or assembly items.

    Perm items are the circumferentor and the doll of Ipstal (which is neat).

    a sonic emitter
    5 oblong transmitters
    6 holocaust bombs
    a brass circumferentor
    2 glacial bombs
    a phlegmatic doll of Ipstal
    a phantom beacon
    a dispersing charm
  • Re: Raiding

    We were riding the strugglebus because it was only letting Dagr and I use miasma so everyone else was getting nuked. We failed our hero rush, but it was a fun sort of chaos.
  • Re: Raiding

    I'm not sure if it works this way with all of the other cities, but during the raid we just finished defending, the objective didn't have to move through the gates in order to be completed?

    The raid ended a room before it would have passed through the gates, where we were making our brave last stand and/or twiddling our thumbs. We were all a little surprised when it showed complete.
  • Re: WTB 10 paid spins for 350 credits

    In case anyone was wondering, and to help Wyll live vicariously.

    I walked away with this from the first set:

    a bell depicting a mighty sandstorm - 10
    a chip of an ancestral stone of an arel - 5
    a wavering Ethereal Mirror - 1
    a sonic emitter - ??
    an oblong transmitter - ??
    an oblong transmitter - ??
    an amber-plated mouthpiece - 10
    a wide black band - 10
    a steel chain - 10
    a pair of ethereal boots - 1
    a heated chain - 10
    a chip of an ancestral stone of a schelkin - 5
    an ethereal nosering - 1
    an emerald and brown woven cloth - 10

    Total: 73 cr and 3 consumable items from the new list, currently untradeable.
  • Re: Obelisk/War Update


    I have to admit that this doesn't seem very appealing to me.

    If you enable raids as a daily occurrence, then daily raids will occur. Orgs being forced into combat on a daily basis or having to suffer an organization-wide impact is a miserable mechanic in the current state of Imperian. Add to this that the majority of these interactions, much as happened with obelisks and city raiding before, will occur off hours because they can.

    City leadership is not fun, and the proposed mechanics would put further stress on the players who are engaged in managing it.

    Making sure that you have enough gold in the coffers to start is a chore, in large part because players don't invest in player housing anymore. There are a number of reasons that it isn't purchased. Part of this is that it's a security risk. Instead of having secure player housing, it was decided that you should have to pay 500k per room to prevent most means of travel. That's 5 million gold to secure a house that could be repossessed if you lapse on taxes or decide to move orgs.

    When you could just save for tokens to buy a nontaxable artifact house outside your city and not worry about it, there isn't much contest. We have houses listed at 15k that we can't give away.

    Shops aren't purchased for similar reasons. You can easily just pick up a token shop and plant it in Caanae. It will be guaranteed to get more foot traffic and you won't have to pay any taxes on it.

    Guildhalls don't see much use for the same security reasons, and there hasn't been any momentum on having any benefits to being a guild member since professions were stripped from them.

    My frustration with this is not that it's a PK objective, but that it's a PK objective that isn't supportable by the state of cities/councils right now and will turn into another off-hours grief fest, such as what caused the guards to be adjusted in the first place.

    Nothing is currently stopping anyone from raiding right now. It isn't happening because with the guard changes, you cannot off hours bleed an org dry like you could before.

    Regarding the current objectives listed:
    Captain of the Guards (10% increase for guard hiring/upkeep)
    - It already costs commodities and gold upkeep for guards. It costs additional gold per month if we want to turn on telepaths/archers, and without an actual housing market, there's not a way to make up that deficit other than dumping our personal gold into it repeatedly.

    City Standard (Periodic comments on CT and in other places about the state of the city)
    Pay Chest (Steal the upkeep gold needed for guards. It will lower their morale and result in sarcastic comments)
    - This sounds incredibly annoying. I feel like our tenured players will gag these messages and the main impact will be on novices, who will likely not want to remain on in the org.

    City Storehouse (get a portion of a city's comms or damage production)
    - Trade is already a miserable system. In order to ensure that I have full commodity production in a towne, I have to make sure that someone has run a figurine quest for it in the last 12 days. This means that your average trade minister has to harass 5 different people to fetch the figurine because they can't do it themselves, and each of those five people have to run through a multi-step quest watering strawberries and chopping lumber, because every year they miraculously forget how to farm.

    Once that's done, commodities have to be delivered from townes and then refined at a 10 second balance cost, and you have to make sure that you have all the appropriate math done to keep a profit.

    Champions Trophy (Reduce all arena upkeep and fees by 10%. Not having one results in increased fees).
    - Arenas are rarely used and even with the running of arena events, it's difficult to recover a portion of the cost of keeping it open.

    City Planning Mob (Kidnapping reduces house upkeep/fees by 10%. Not having your own will result in increased fees)
    - For reasons already listed above, player housing usage is at an all-time low.

    Player retention is definitely important, and keeping the PK crowd around and happy is a part of that. There doesn't seem to be much of a happy medium, however, when considering systems that will affect more than one portion of the playerbase.

    I don't believe that Imperian has the population at the moment to support a raiding mechanic like this and not have it become one-sided griefing. It will boil down to who has the most players hitting whatever objective off hours to hurt an org the most, especially given the maluses.

    One of the sources of frustration here is that this is the latest in a list of proposed changes that will be player-sourced by the limited population of the forums and then placed into the game and forgotten about while the next big change is plotted out. We seem to jump from one sweeping idea to the next here, without ever pausing to look back at a system or mechanic and ask if it's viable, engaging, and actually working.

    Increased communication and follow-through would go a long way here, as would careful consideration of the impact of posts made on the forums. It wasn't that long ago that a post was made about deleting/merging organizations for example. It's difficult to remain motivated about what is happening in your organization if you don't know when or even if it's going to be destroyed by the administration, and there hasn't been any follow up on that since it was first posted in August.

    We jumped from that potential straight into new professions, which I won’t argue are great to have. I especially love the different themes for each circle. But rather than pause here and makes sure that the bugs are all wrapped up, the messages are quality versus quantity, etc, we jump headlong into the next big thing. Rinse repeat.