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  • Runelord System

    Given that this encompasses the very last of everything I've done in Mudlet for Imperian since playing again, this will likely be my last thread for a long time in Scripting.

    This is a Script, a set of Aliases, and a set of Triggers that encompasses my Runeguard automated offense that uses battleaxes exclusively. I am well aware that the Runeguard class is/can be more than battleaxes, but this is what I have setup for myself, and I am putting this up so anyone who uses Runeguard and Mudlet can help fight or get into fighting with minimal effort. Also, even if someone doesn't have Runeguard, they can at least analyze what I've done here as a good base for setting up an offense in general. I highly recommend using a battleaxe with heavy and sharp, and with flame and snowflake enhancements.

    This system may or may not have bugs. I spent most of today completely redoing and coloring and making my whole offense look snazzy to be able to release this before I have to leave for work. If you try it and have issues feel free to fix it yourself or message me OOC in the game, or PM me on the forums, and I will look into it and upload a new version to Dropbox. As always, use the Package Manager in Mudlet to install the file, and off you go. The command to see the below screenshot in game is 'runelord' once the system is installed.

    Edit: I forgot to mention, due to the way balance and battleaxes work, you will never ever stick any toxins, so this system always uses strychnine/benzene on the attacks because strychnine strips deafness and enables sowulu, and benzene has a very tiny chance to hinder their offense, and also later in the fight can have a tiny chance to disrupt them from curing ablaze and/or freeze from the flame and snowflake weapon enhancements. Benzene can be changed to Benzedrine, and really both toxins can be changed to whatever, but this is the tactic I use(Because breaking legs when you have someone engaged seems a little overkill). Just thought I'd clarify my thought process.

    Finally, feel free to change and redistribute this system as any of you want. I just hope this gets more people interested in combat, in Imperian, and in mudlet in general. Thanks!

    Features of the system:

    • Target and Autobasher system, IE: t orc, sets orc as the target, and type bash and you will attack an orc and continue to attack orc when you regain balance until you type bash again
    • Colored display of toxins you have placed on your target when hitting them
    • Rebounding and shield tracking(Can probably be improved with additional rebounding/shield messages, also works with artifact battleaxes and normal axes both)
    • Offense prioritizes using pithakhan flare when it is off cooldown, followed by nauthiz when it is off cooldown, otherwise it uses sowulu. Can toggle off pithakhan and nauthiz.
    • Offense uses Engage when it can. Can toggle off using Engage.
    • Offense uses Tiger Stance by default, can select using Lion instead.
    • Offense uses quickdraw for battleaxe and tablet, and also uses a kestrel. All three are used by item number, which you must set using the system's commands
    • All of system's commands are detailed when you type runelord

  • Enemy Health Bar

    After being inspired by @Oystir earlier asking me questions of how to do an enemy health bar like [||||---], I went ahead and made a fancy colored one, which each bar representing 10%.

    All you have to do is download the .mpackage file which I am hosting on Dropbox. It only works in mudlet, and once you're connected to Imperian in mudlet, you click Package Manager, then click Install, and then navigate to wherever you installed it, and click it and off you go.

    PS: You must config mobdamage on to use this.