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  • Re: I HEART

    That after a long dormancy, Ithaqua's arena is seeing regular use with FFAs to practice in and Overruns for sips and giggles. And a recent upswing in people too, to boot.
  • Re: Clueless

    He collects government assistance.
  • Re: Improving Imperian Split: Shifting Focus

    Overhauling the towne system needs to be done anyways and it an be something unique to Imperian over Achaea and the rest of the IREs. Think of the possibilities. All townes become neutral and capture-able. The conflict system would be over capturing and protecting townes that you like. Once an org controls a towne, they can set how they treat it, i.e. enslave the population or offer them citizenship. Perhaps you can choose not to capture the towne you are attacking but raid it for loot.
    Okay, i've been in a game where the towne/villages are neutral and capturable. It didn't end well. Worst case scenario you get a side that has a) capture savvy/ninja people b) enough pvp types to repel any attempts to oust A group and c) a blend of the two when A and B get bored and go elsewhere.
    Eventually one side will hold EVERYTHING for eternity and commodities will become outright unattainable unless you join the side that has EVERY village/towne. It's a great system, it's just has that one glaring weakness. It'd turn into shrine wars. No one likes shrine wars.
    Then the next thing will be asked to implement some kind of npc standing army to keep everyone happy-ish, and we'd be right back where we are now. With townes that are easily managed, and have no real reason to be around other than to give a realistic source for the main cities/council to have certain commodities they wouldn't other wise have. IE Ithaqua and most non-meat based food products.

    Perhaps instead of players. Mobs. I mean Pol'pera lives in constant fear of orc raids, for example. It'd give non-pvp types something to do beyond autobash an area ad infinitum, which i feel like is kinda needed more than more pvp reasons. We have -some- pvp reasons. IE shardfalls, the boneyard stuff and yes the pvp loving crowd is bored of those, but seriously... what about us bashers?
  • Re: What do you play outside of Imperian?

    Recently went back and tried to get into a different MUD called Geas. The learning curve seems rather steep as it is a level-less, class-less system. You can learn just about anything, but the help files are rather obtuse to figure out (ie doing 'help <thing> might not get you what you want, but a similar word does).
    It's not exactly an intuitive game, and its roleplay intensive/required. players are indistinguishable from npc villagers... and i -think- it was translated from another game or the devs don't have english as a first langauge as there's grammar errors and borked sentence structures here and there.

    Still... i like it. trousers have pockets in that world. No level system means no rush to hit max level, and no class system means you can get fairly diverse in your skills without much worrying about picking the wrong class for what you want to do. But that learning curve though.