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  • Re: Retiree needs help!

    Digging someone up who's burrowed is hilarious.

  • Re: To those who don't RP (but might)...

    'Downvoted to oblivion'? You hang out in imgur or something?

     Anyway. Frankly, RP for me is anything I can work on aspects of my character, I tend to make up my motivations on the go, with a general sense based on my own personal moral compass. So anything I can rail against, is great. Though i've got a hard time finding anything to rail against, partly cause there's alot of people who'd wilt under any direct opposition or as Anette stated, stop entirely because they're finding opposition (or just hit you till you die in a I'M STRONGER AND THEREFORE RIGHT mentality, in my experience this is known as 'flag up or shut up')

    Can the devs do something for it? Yeah, if it's beyond player power. But we do have a -lot- of options. Can do some seriously nifty things with emotes if you're clever enough, but that's just my opinion based with experience of devs either being too busy or too apathetic to exert any effort towards pushing roleplay.
    Most of my experience is in player started events/arcs/plots, but that usually results in a dwindling amount of people who can successfully suffer through building an exciting event and trying to curb the amount of people who try to take their plot/event and run away with it in a potentially dumb direction. eventually you wind up with one person everyone wants to run an event, and assume EVERY action of theirs is a event in the making when in reality they're just scratching their digital nose.

    I've contemplated bringing in one person i know who's pretty damn good at this sort of thing just to see if they can jumpstart the scene, that's all thats really needed really. an occasional jumpstart and everyone (rper and non-rper alike) just accepting not everyone is gonna do things their way and soldiering on with their direction. Even if it's dumb and wrong and all you find is opposition.

  • Re: I HEART

    Icarius said:
    Caelya said:
    I joked about this to someone else before. Antioch can still be the city of the Gods. With the actual Gods dead and only fledgling gods remaining, Antioch's arrogance rises to all new heights and they declare themselves Gods, striving to assert their control over the mortals who misuse the diachaim that rightfully belongs to them. Maybe they see Ithaqua as tolerable barbarians who have fallen in line.
    Honestly, that would be pretty rad, sort of like Imperian's version of the Goa'uld from Stargate. 

    Teal'c would be the best Ithaquan.

    So Ithaqua'd be the Jaffa or something?

    Also, who is Ba'al enough to be Ba'al in Antioch?
  • Re: I HEART

    It  bothers me for some reason that it isn't laid out as AEIOU.
  • Re: Improving Imperian

    You wanna make a colorblind person go nuts, constantly ask them what the color of things are. Spent an entire shift explaining it to a coworker. It's a mind**** to think that what you assume (even if you're colorblind) is brown could be green etc . Or you just have two people who see two different colors but the both say the same thing.

    The only real advantage is most forms of camouflage don't work as effectively depending on your severity.

    Also, shout out to colors that feel like needles in my eyes.
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