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  • Re: I HEART

    That through the power of modern gaming, I can play games from my childhood and finally avenge my bruised ego on some particularly tough bosses or puzzles.
  • Re: Apparitions Event

    I have been playing it fast and loose for the most part, I do have some general guiding factors on my actions though.

    1) Dimitri thinks that alot of Aetherius' problems (Legion, plagues, Urzog) are the fault of Antioch's actions in the past, while it is a terrible thing to do - holding the actions of a people who had no active hand (maybe) in past events - it is still karmic retribution for it.

    2) Antioch turned away from Antimagick for a while, and then just suddenly comes back. While that's great, you don't get to ping pong back and forth like that as a political entity and not suffer consequences.

    3) Personally, Dimitri cannot make himself help a people who predominantly just do not care. He empathizes with those who are actively trying to do something, but a city should stand on its own two feet.

    4) He also is being a bit of a jerk and saying 'look it says no where in our treaty that we have to help you against extraplanar threats.' Yes it is in the spirit of the treaty (which is a little ironic now that i think about it), but if we started going with the spirit of things instead of the letter of things it sets a really irritating precedent down the road

    5) I firmly believe in saving my org over others.

  • Re: Improving Imperian

    Arakis said:
    Posters are majorly broken at the moment. And maybe it's just personal experiences but I've noticed that almost every promotional item that's been coming out this year has had bugs. Maybe they could create some sort of system for promotional item testing before release? Especially items that relate to combat. We have players test classes before they release why not create the same sort of thing for new artifacts and items?
    With how powerful some of those promo items can be, i'm wary that someone might go 'oh this is a neat little bug' and then just not say anything with a particular item and stupidly abuse it until someone catches them and shrubs them for it. That could be the reasoning behind it, or simply because they don't want people to know what's coming before it happens.
  • Re: Champions/Boneyards

    Hang on lemme get this straight

    You build a giant macabre trophy pile of your fallen enemies bones, and use this bone pile in a ritualistic manner to summon an angry chaotic and nigh on untameable malignant force into the world to wreak havoc on a section of the world for your own bragging rights

    How is this not demonic? It has the typical 'Badguy McNecromancer' MO written all over it.

  • Re: Post funny things you found from youtube

    I think alot of Imperian (IRE in general really, except Starmourn) can be equated to Dark Souls.