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  • Re: I HEART

    Finding out that fans are surprisingly effective in some situations today was a pleasant surprise.
  • Re: Improving Imperian

    I get how people push for 80 so they don't have to eat/sleep/drink anymore, and I accept that. But cooking and libation trade skills kinda seem like they're built around the idea of someone having to eat/drink on a regular basis, and once you're past level 80 it loses any meaning beyond seeing some wonderfully crafted messages by people who like food or drink when you see a dish that catches your eye in a shop.

    So why not have a config where you can opt into having to eat and drink again? This'd probably make you vulnerable to other things in combat but I'm willing to risk violence induced food poisoning for a reason to go eat foods. Otherwise they just kinda sit there and don't really mean anything.

    TL;DR - I want to be hungry again. Make food matter again.

  • Re: Improving Imperian

    If we stopped ganking people who opt into a completely voluntary system who only opt in for the XP boost, there'd be no bones to pick up in the first place. You can't flag yourself as champ and then turn around and say I'M JUST DOING IT FOR THE EXPEE.

    Welcome to Imperian, prepare to die. (provided you opt in)
  • Re: Improving Imperian

    Owyn said:
    Thought: A special bashing area that gives negative experience. That's right, you have to pay to hunt there with your existing experience. Pro: the mobs have low hitpoints and there are too many of them to run out of.

    Edit: They also do low damage. And don't group-aggro.

  • Re: Improving Imperian

     My suggestions are as follows:
    1)   Block entities from travelling inside homes or at least travel blocked rooms.
    2)   Give sect leadership exclusively to its leaders and use entities in a creative support role and for rp.
    3)   Give sects the ability to separate from their entity.
    4)   Don’t force entities on people that don’t want them. I think it’s a valid path of RP to be against them. If the players behind the entities don’t take it too personal, it provides for some interesting rp in its own right.
    5)   Don’t penalize orgs for not using entities. I don’t like thinking that an org might be penalized or another given an advantage during an event because of entities.
    6)   Ask entities to be on guard about using their powers in ways that breed suspicion.

    My rebuttal.

    1) Most of these entities are not from Imperian, or from IRE at all I think. So expecting them to know when you've closeted away in your boudoir wearing nothing but a smile is really beyond their limited omniscience, or even beyond your proposed limitations.

    2) Joint leadership is better, the odds of BOTH the current leader and the entity buggering off is low, though this bashing of them continues they may all just bugger off for greener pastures. But you'd enjoy that wouldn't you.

    3) This is fair, honestly. People change, or you may find out that there was a fundamental misunderstanding between your sect and your limited power (un)intentional drama factory.

    4) No one's forcing an entity on you, why do you think this is the case? Yes they're fishing for a cult that will accept them, that's in their RP that's not Jeremy or someone higher up the food chain going GET A JOB YOU LAZY ORBS, OR I'LL MAKE LEGION EAT YOU. That's progression, the thing we've been gagging for ever since I showed up to this arms race scene.

    5) Don't think about it then? You're worrying about something that is arguably out of step with the rest of what Imperian offers to its players. Consequences are minimal, or at least mitigated by throwing money at it.

    6) Well where's the ducking fun in that?