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  • Bathan complains about trying to return to Imperian

    Okay so I want to preface this post by pointing out that my post about leaving and never coming back was totally panning out until @apoloc told me via Facebook about the retirement thing.

    That said, I had to come check it out because this was a feature I used to ramble about. I think it's great, and a solid approach to dealing with the problem of an antiquated genre. Here are a couple of things, however, that I would suggest in order to keep some of the players you lure back into your spider web, assuming they're even logistically possible.

    • I wasn't the only one lured back into the game by the siren call of possible activity. I happened upon a few old timers who were meandering around, unsure of what to do with themselves. I was trying to figure out where I put my heroic steed (remember I drive a giant rhino?) when I saw a shardfall happen. I was all set to go roll into battle and drop some post-nerf druid nonsense on people, when I realized I had no vials, armor, et cetera. This is a travesty. You want me to go play in the shardfall and then be like 'man I love hating myself, I'll totally play Imperian again'. To that end, I would honestly suggest a returning player promo for people who haven't been active in like, 6 months. All they'd get is one of each vial, and maybe 50 of each herb. Just enough to get players rolling out on to the playing field, where their heroic (awkward baby horse standing up for the first time) deeds will win them acclaim, and convince them to stay on for a bit. I saw I had no tools, and no gold, and was like 'naw dog I'm out until I feel like retiring to Aetolia/Vampbathan'.
    • You apparently have an event going on. Put that in bright lettering when I first log-in. I 100% do not care about the sorry state of my city/guild/sect, but if I read a 2 sentence thing in bright text that's all 'ahhhh antagonists are doing things %n, get in there and monologue them to death!', I would be super tempted to stay around and at least see what's going down.
    • Channel your inner Chinese freemium game and offer players a two day window to get some kind of exclusive credit/lesson package. I have learned (painfully) that if you dangle value in front of me, there's a good chance I'll bite and then from there I'll feel like an idiot if I don't play.

    Hope these suggestions help!

  • Re: Quotes

    She is a clever sidhe. This young woman holds herself with a mystic persuasion, her attire lending herself to a rather intellectual type and undeniably feminine. Her body is that of what you would
    expect of a blossoming young woman, a slim bust and even slimmer waist, flaring out at her hips to give her a slight bottom-heavy hourglass figure. Raven black hair has been pulled into a loose
    ponytail behind her, her bangs left loose to tickle her gentle brow and coat her ears with the dark locks. Slender elven ears point at an awkward angle, slanted a little more donwards than normal and
    making her ears seem longer than usual. Her eyes speak volumes of her demeanor, although physically they just seem tired, a bright forestal green lighting up her slightly sleepy features. A beautiful
    face with a button nose and pouty lips completes her feminine qualities, leading down to her shoulders covered by her coat, draping over her frame and somewhat hiding her body from view.

  • Re: Improving Imperian Combat

    I can't remember the last time I walked into a fight with a favour.
    I'm so cool I walk into fights with favors from other circle's sects!
  • Re: I HEART

    S-shut up, man, that's not like, I mean I don't sound like that.

  • Re: Quotes

    After being a brat in shouts:

    A blast of blizzard-like winds descend into the room with a blinding flurry of morose clouds. As they dissipate, they reveal the form of Xuli who leaps from the back of her arctic clouds, which then
    condense as a thick mantle about her shoulders.
    She is followed by a mass of violent clouds.

    Your pitiful attack is frozen in its tracks by Xuli.

    You snicker softly to yourself.

    Xuli, the Storm-forged Queen says, "Says the man who fell to me once before."

    You say, "What can I say? I've the Legend, the valor and the courage to appear on the field. You've some trappings of leftover God power."

    You shrug helplessly.

    Xuli looks thoughtfully at you, pondering the situation.

    Xuli, the Storm-forged Queen says, "I'm honestly surprised to see you not at a table crying into a mug of ale, or some other intoxicant. Are you done feeling sorry for yourself, then?"

    Confidently, you say, "It was all a ruse, meant to lull my foes into a sense of complacency. My return will make my Legend all the grander."

    With a curt laugh, Xuli, the Storm-forged Queen says, "What legend is that?"

    You say, "Alas, it was before your time, when your betters ruled from on high."

    A soft light radiates from you as you flap your wings lightly, allowing you to hover just above the ground.

    Xuli crosses her arms with a smirk, leaning back into her clouds. "My betters? If they were meant to be so much better than I, they would still be here."

    Bathan taps the ground with his staff, laughing heartily. "They were heroes who fell defending their realm and those within it from being of incomparable strength. You pretenders are
    naught but shadows, playing at a greatness you cannot begin to comprehend." He gestures towards the rising sun. "Not a single one of you has been impressive. Children meddling with powers beyond you."

    Xuli narrows her eyes at you, her smirk fading slightly. "If I were you, I would watch your tone. I care not for whatever greatness they may have held. They left this world to -me- as much as they did
    to any mortal, and I shall claim my gift. What will you do, mighty hero?" She stands and beckons her clouds to her side. "What will you do when your mortal life becomes as meaningless as your past,
    and you fade into obscurity?"

    Bathan laughs again, this time more softly, his voice almost wistful as he responds. "Ah, **** if I know. You all seem to die eventually, but we do not, at least not for long." He
    grins, his sharpened teeth showing prominently. "I'll have a thousand eternities to build a thousand different Legends. I've been a savior, once. I think this time I'll just be a man relishes the
    chance to cave in another man's skull." Defiantly, he splashes some water in your direction with the butt of his staff. "It might just be that long after your essence is harvested, you'll be reformed
    as a creature more fit to be of use to me, whoever, and whatever I am at that time."

    Xuli raises an eyebrow, her face awash with disdain towards you. "I offered you a chance at watching your tone with me, child." She motions to the ground with one hand and speaks in a booming voice,
    "Kneel before me and swear fealty to your Queen, and perhaps she will show mercy and spare your life." Lowering her head, she glares at you. "Kneel before me, or else..."

    Bathan sucks on his sharpened teeth for a long moment, eventually raising his shoulders in a soft shrug. "I don't mind kneeling so much, so long as it's before someone or something
    worth kneeling before. I think I've made my feelings on you quite clear." His luminous wings spread out behind him as he hovers just above the river, water dropping from his bare feet. "I'll take the
    lightning again," he replies, smiling impishly.

    Xuli, the Storm-forged Queen says, "Very well."

    A flash of light accompanies a sudden burst of thunder from a mass of violent clouds, pummeling you with force.
    You have been slain by a mass of violent clouds.