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  • Bathan complains about trying to return to Imperian

    Okay so I want to preface this post by pointing out that my post about leaving and never coming back was totally panning out until @apoloc told me via Facebook about the retirement thing.

    That said, I had to come check it out because this was a feature I used to ramble about. I think it's great, and a solid approach to dealing with the problem of an antiquated genre. Here are a couple of things, however, that I would suggest in order to keep some of the players you lure back into your spider web, assuming they're even logistically possible.

    • I wasn't the only one lured back into the game by the siren call of possible activity. I happened upon a few old timers who were meandering around, unsure of what to do with themselves. I was trying to figure out where I put my heroic steed (remember I drive a giant rhino?) when I saw a shardfall happen. I was all set to go roll into battle and drop some post-nerf druid nonsense on people, when I realized I had no vials, armor, et cetera. This is a travesty. You want me to go play in the shardfall and then be like 'man I love hating myself, I'll totally play Imperian again'. To that end, I would honestly suggest a returning player promo for people who haven't been active in like, 6 months. All they'd get is one of each vial, and maybe 50 of each herb. Just enough to get players rolling out on to the playing field, where their heroic (awkward baby horse standing up for the first time) deeds will win them acclaim, and convince them to stay on for a bit. I saw I had no tools, and no gold, and was like 'naw dog I'm out until I feel like retiring to Aetolia/Vampbathan'.
    • You apparently have an event going on. Put that in bright lettering when I first log-in. I 100% do not care about the sorry state of my city/guild/sect, but if I read a 2 sentence thing in bright text that's all 'ahhhh antagonists are doing things %n, get in there and monologue them to death!', I would be super tempted to stay around and at least see what's going down.
    • Channel your inner Chinese freemium game and offer players a two day window to get some kind of exclusive credit/lesson package. I have learned (painfully) that if you dangle value in front of me, there's a good chance I'll bite and then from there I'll feel like an idiot if I don't play.

    Hope these suggestions help!

  • Re: Netflix Recommendations

    I randomly discovered Law and Order SVU while stranded in rural Maine. It's kind of amazing, but apparently I'm like a decade late on this one. Stebler confirmed for best macho cop character ever.
  • Re: I HEART

    I'm not going to make a new thread about it, but, I've given away what credits and tokens I have, and donated my gold. I'm officially saying my goodbyes to Imperian. I've tried to come back a few times, and whether it's the game, or me, I just can't seem to find a desire to log in. It feels like I every time I come back from a break, I'm just a little bit less. Less engaged, less able to muster the willpower to be active, less willing to try and be a character in the world. Everything else seems like a more enjoyable use of my time.

    I know I've fought with a lot of you over the years, but thanks for putting up with me, and my insufferably one-dimensional roleplay. I'm in a really good place in my life now, but I wasn't for a long time, and being able to be the official HERO OF IMPERIAN™ helped me get through some extremely dire times. That, and, well, @Selthis being one of the most compassionate, awesome people I've ever had the privilege of knowing. I've added a lot of you on Facebook, or follow you on Twitter, but please, keep in touch. We're an incredibly dysfunctional family, but in the end, we're the last of a dying breed, people who build, or who have built a living, breathing fantasy novel. We owe it to each other to not let that bond ever truly fall to the wayside. I heart all of you for being a part of my life over the last 10 or 11 years.

  • Re: The Rogue's Gallery 2.0


    I was at an eSports tournament yesterday and found some steampunk goggles. Taking a really silly picture while wearing them seemed like the only correct course of action.
  • Re: Which Game of Thrones character is your character most like?

    Definitely Beric Dondarrion