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  • Re: Quotes

    (Ring): Zsetsu says, "What type of damage is shouting?"
    (Ring): You say, "I would assume emotional."
  • Re: New Artifacts Wishlist

    Documents of Annulment: This will allow you to divorce your spouse without adding a number of divorces to your honours (spouse is not required to agree). -High Price.

    Divorce Papers: This will allow you to divorce your spouse without adding a number of divorces to your honours (spouse is required to agree.- Medium Price.

    File for Legal Separation: This will make a world wide announce that you and your spouse are having marital strife. Divorce will trigger automatically after a random time period of 1-100 hours.

    These would be a hilarious way to thin credit/gold/token stockpiles.

    Edit: Someone hire Wyll for a divorce trial already, I wanna watch the proceedings and eat up all the tinned popcorn i got for Holidaysmas.
  • Re: New Retiree

    Dreacor said:
    Zsetsu said:
    How are market skills here? Can I get rich as a merchant?
    I believe you COULD become rich, but you need to have quite low prices and big volume. Basically you need a lot of people to buy your goods and have a large scale of items to sell. I have no experience on market skills, but this is all I've heard or figured out between the lines. Maybe @Oystir and @Arakis can tell more about this?

    So merchants can be quite profitable but they have a potentially prohibitive start-up cost. If you're selling curatives you need flasks which due to a recent change are a token item only instead of a credit item. If you want a shop stall you can setup anywhere that you own forever that's also a token item only, and neither of them are in the current rotation based system @jeremy added to token wares to make them more scarce. There's other assorted start up costs that are gold if you're establishing a shop from scratch, but if you buy a city shop then you're going to start out with some shelves at least and that's all you really need to get off the ground.  City shops are relatively easy to come by but have the catch of both annual taxes and a restriction that only people not enemied to your given city or council may shop there. Towne shops are abundant as well but with the current state of townes foot traffic for them can be pretty low. If you're willing to invest credits/lessons into trade skills you can certainly find a willing market for goods, especially if you can offer something unique. The bulk of goods though like smithing, herbs, toxins, elixirs are all currently suffering from incredibly low prices due to an excess of supply and a smaller player base generating much lower demand. I've been running one shop or another almost as long as I have been playing Imperian and it is one of my favorite things to do. You can certainly make money at it, but there are faster and easier ways of doing that if money is your main goal. If you enjoy the tasks themselves, the RP of being a shopkeep, then it's definitely a fun and for me fulfilling experience. Hope that helped.

    Edit: If you get a tradeskill as well, know that tradeskills are suffering hard from a lack of active approvers right now, so don't expect things to go as fast as they normally do on Achaea, i've had designs take a week+ in the past few months and there seems to be no relief in sight for long waits right now.
  • Re: I HEART

    I <3 Bug Day! Got nearly a dozen fixed and cut off my list.
  • Re: Quotes

    You shout, "Free candy."

    Jeremy arrives from the ether.

    Jeremy says, "I need candy."