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  • Re: PortalCoins

    For those who don't know, I hoard, spend, and trade tokens like crazy. I own or have owned the majority of the token wares. Out of a desire to hoard treasure I'd never been willing to sink a token into a cairn or portal coin because of the one time use nature. Today, out of boredom, a desire to get more achievements, and having of course tokens to burn, I -finally- tried a portal coin. What resulted was the worst bashing experience I have ever had in Imperian. The mobs were of a good strength being that they adjust to your level, but there were only 52 of them which, at 1 token per 52 mobs that's 116 tokens to get all the achievements, is roughly 3712 credits in tokens ((or 1740 if you sell/buy tokens at 15 credits which has been the current trend.). While you get while you do get three circles of questing xp and some achievement bonuses for it, it's not worth it, even for an achievement addict. After taking about 45 minutes to kill them all (as one of the people that has never successfully finished the Tumble Race, I spent more time getting lost in the unmapped area than I did fighting things.) I got the key, opened the chest to find a +1str soulstone, a 1 week celerity armband, and paltry amount of gold (1200, the same amount I could earn in about 1 minute hunting where I normally do). I gained roughly 1% experience of level 101, and 67% of Sect Faith. I wasted a token and an hour of time I could have bashed in a worthwhile area, gaining nothing of real value to show for it. I waited as long as I did to test out the portal coins because there had been a lack of hype over them, or so thought being someone who didn't read the forums regularly until now. These coins are worthless, utterly worthless. I got more enjoyment out of the fortune cookies offered on Valentines day, I get more enjoyment out of bashing which nowadays I do while watching tv. Ignoring the question of what was I thinking (I wasn't), What in hell was the Admins thinking? I know that Jeremy wanted to make tokens more scarce, but the prizes offered for these one time use items aren't going to entice enough of us to throwaway our, in some cases, small mountain of tokens at them for a meager return. Winning at gladiators has had more value than this, giftbags were worth more than this, heck the new phylacteries have more value than these coins. When are we going to get one time use items that give us something good? sure 8hrs of +1str is decent but you can get it free from rituals along with +1 to all stats though for as long as you want to bash up enough faith to maintain it. a week of double celerity will be nice only because I've been considering buying this artifact and want to test it now. I love bashing, and I was hoping to find something to mix things up and was willing to pay for it, instead I got a jokeresque bang gun pointed at me and got jack for it.