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  • Re: Improving Imperian


    This may be the wrong section for it, and may end up needing a separate thread but I figured I'd want to get opinions before I even try and think this all out, and would like the admin to weigh in on if this is even valid.

    The Knight types in imperian are a little too similar for me. sure they have their strengths in weaknesses, but when it comes down to it they all end up trying to do the same thing endgame, longsword bleeding. Sure there are vast variations on how people go about this, such as @Pellerin using scimitars for tendoncuts that work well with his team, to what @Ozreas used to to with DK and salves that I seem to be failing to do efficiently(sorry templar, I know so little of you, little black sheep). Anyways, I got thinking about templar and said to myself, you know, a big reason templar isn't a draw for me, besides being a bleeder, most of the time dual wielding longswords, is the fact that... it doesn't fit what I see as the archtype of paladin/templar in the weapons department. when I imagine templar, I don't imagine dual-wielding longswords, I imagine sword and board, mace and board, warhammers. Wait a minute... WARHAMMERS. So I thought about it some more, and thought hey wouldn't it be neat if each knight got a couple of new skills in weaponmastery each knight having a different specialized weapon, just for themselves, that pushes a specific kill route. this may have a bigger scope than adding a few skills, and I wanted to know if it would even be considered, or sounded like something people would want. So far I thought mostly about templar(because they need love) and the classleads(538, 537, 535, and 523) that are attempting to make it where they can push 2 routes of killing. with warhammers, you could make a noncomboable skill that gives a list of afflictions in order, similar to how berserker works. I have no clue what afflictions would work, it could be all the ones listed for the new purposed insta: justice, penance, peace and burning nerves. the move would be called righteous smash, which delivers the affliction and a toxin. a second skill could be added that works on a cooldown or even devotion cost which allows you to boost righteous smash to deliver 2 of the afflictions plus a toxin, effectively giving templars a little more burst affliction pressure, since knights in general are a slow burn on afflictions. Anyways, this would make it so that you can push the redemption kill route hard, and still maintain that you can dual pressure 2 kills for the eventual kill. As for the other 2 knights, I haven't started fully thinking on it yet and I honestly didn't want to put in the effort to think it out if it was something that is impossible to do/implement. the only other thing I thought of is which specialized weapon I would like to see the other 2 knights get, and I only have Deathknight with a greatsword(or repurpose claymores I guess). I would love to hear from all knights especially on this idea.
  • Re: Improving Imperian

    Owyn said:

    EDIT: You know what I'm all for, that everyone in Kins would get behind? NPC play. Why people are so caught up on the idea that it must be this stupid divine thing they can suck up to, I have not a darn clue. NPC roleplay is dope. Please do more of that.
    I just want to through my 2 cents in with this. NPC RP is some of the best I've experienced, and I've experienced it more so outside of imperian in a smaller MUD. I played the suck up to X god in the same MUD, but I must say I loved the NPC RP more than anything else. Even the tiny things.
  • Re: Quotes

    behind the scenes, this is why I rescinded(obviously I know Vasuda from elsewhere >.>)

    (Newbie): Vasuda says, "Hello, I'm new and am going through my newbie tasks."

    H:(543[100]) M:(366[87]) (ebdb) Bleed:[0] EXP: 86.23 [PVE: none][PVP: Dyron][AFFS:0][AFFED:0]


    Anarys, Arakis, Astris, Challi, Dagr, Eitak, Eltarn, Galt, Hiramius, Jannette, Lynyssa, Mercer,

    Myrcella, Nemeteeh, Stormtoot, Tahm, Tikal, Tyden, Vasuda, Wyll, and Zerin.


    There are 24 players in this world.

    H:(543[100]) M:(363[86]) (ebdb) Bleed:[0] EXP: 86.23 [PVE: none][PVP: Dyron][AFFS:0][AFFED:0]

    You take a drink of an elixir of mana from a dagger-shaped vial.

    Your mind feels rejuvenated.

    H:(543[100]) M:(403[96]) (ebdb) Bleed:[0] EXP: 86.23 [PVE: none][PVP: Dyron][AFFS:0][AFFED:0]

    A great weight seems to have been lifted from Lynyssa.

    H:(543[100]) M:(412[98]) (ebdb) Bleed:[0] EXP: 86.23 [PVE: none][PVP: Dyron][AFFS:0][AFFED:0]

    Lynyssa rubs some salve on her skin.

    H:(543[100]) M:(412[98]) (ebdb) Bleed:[0] EXP: 86.23 [PVE: none][PVP: Dyron][AFFS:0][AFFED:0]

    You may drink another healing elixir.

    H:(543[100]) M:(412[98]) (ebdb) Bleed:[0] EXP: 86.23 [PVE: none][PVP: Dyron][AFFS:0][AFFED:0]

    (Newbie): You say, "Go away scrub."

    H:(543[100]) M:(386[92]) (ebdb) Bleed:[0] EXP: 86.23 [PVE: none][PVP: Dyron][AFFS:0][AFFED:0]

    Occasional raindrops fall on your head as the drizzle continues.

    H:(543[100]) M:(386[92]) (ebdb) Bleed:[0] EXP: 86.23 [PVE: none][PVP: Dyron][AFFS:0][AFFED:0]

    Vasuda tells you, "Aye, should be fine."

    H:(543[100]) M:(374[89]) (ebdb) Bleed:[0] EXP: 86.23 [PVE: none][PVP: Dyron][AFFS:0][AFFED:0]

    Lynyssa bops you on the head.

    H:(543[100]) M:(374[89]) (ebdb) Bleed:[0] EXP: 86.23 [PVE: none][PVP: Dyron][AFFS:0][AFFED:0]

    (Newbie): You say, "Jk, welcome welcome."

  • Re: New Retiree

    I can't freaking believe I forgot to mention outrider. It's definitely a good one to learn afflicting with. It's in my opinion the most balanced profession in the game. If it weren't am specific I'd be one right now. And who knows I may end up switching one day :open_mouth:

  • Re: Apparitions Event

    I wish I could disagree with you and lol at the same time because out of all the cities, khandava was the only one actively trying to weaken the rashirmir, and while I may not have put my whole heart into the event before I figured out what needed to be done, we had people doing way more than most, getting up at odd hours to participate in an event that had all the progress erased by something that cost no one anything but 30 seconds a few times.