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  • Re: I HEART

    Wyll said:
    Aodan said:
    Elrohir said:
    I heart that the recent crying in another thread has led to more people being logged into the forums than I've seen in weeks. :)
    I just hate that it got closed before I could make my extralong post. so I didn't look like I was wasn't contributing and just disagreeing, trust I was getting ready to contribute. xD

    I do hate that they close threads before people get to post, especially on a thread that is getting a lot of traction because people are passionate about it. I actually would have liked to have read your extra long post so I could blindly press disagree as well.
    oh man, saying you'd do exactly as you were telling people not to do. good job, A+ sir. you schooled me. I wasn't blindly disagreeing, I was disagreeing know the FULL situations, unlike some people who still don't know the full situation. but please, continue to show how ignorant you really are. :D
  • Re: Improving Imperian

    Gjarrus said:
    Make PK achievements track only in Coliseum events and against non-circle members.

    Achievements for raid stuff - kills during raid, deaths during raid, successful raids, successful defenses, that sort of crap.

    Trade skills and lessons in the aspect perk system.

    I want to agree with this except for the fact that 90% of the people I like to kill belong to the same circle I have to be... D:
  • Re: I HEART

    Iniar said:
    Iniar said:
    The semester is over. Straight As. Elected as president of Student Government Association. Presenting at several national conferences in the coming weeks. Fell in love.

    Life is fantastic even if it means my time here is limited these days.
    Does she know about Imperian?

    (or he, I guess)
    Yeah, she is the same one I showed Imperian to the first time. 
    I read an interesting article the other day. The hypothesis was that we 'fall in love' to disrupt longer stable relationships to continue the expansion of the gene pool: how else does one explain the physiologic value of the irrationality that follows 'romantic' love?

    It's a regular dopamine-serotonin-norepinephrine vs oxytocin beat-down.
    so his longer stable relationship in this situation is imperian eh? xD
  • Re: Owned

    Nindzar the abominable leaps forward and grabs Alvetta's head, attempting to wrench it from her body.
    Alvetta takes a drink from a yeti bone vial.

    You have recovered balance.
    You give a gladiator's trident a quick flourish before driving it forcefully into a massive decaying 
    beast's body.
    Damage dealt: 107 Remaining: 11.31%
    Balance Taken: 3.11s
    queue eqbal stand || quickdraw trident shield || kill beast || kill nindzar
    You must regain balance first.

    Stand || quickdraw trident shield || kill beast || kill nindzar added to your EQBAL queue.

    Rokas enters from the northeast.

    Rokas leaves to the northeast following Fanglor.

    Nindzar the abominable leaps forward and grabs Alvetta's head, attempting to wrench it from her body.

    Autobashing is set to OFF!

    A massive beast charges towards you and latches its mighty jaws on your neck, shaking you like a 
    ragdoll as your world goes black.


    nindzar is a beast with the stuns... twice in a row = me beastfood xD gg stopping us from landing that last blow.
  • Re: New Profession: Engineer

    Lartus said:
    Headshot: after seven successful attacks land, the 8th one will crit.
    then you will have people running around screaming BOOM HEADSHOT everytime they land a crit.

    Jeremy Saunders