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Aodan ✭✭


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  • Re: Owned

    Nindzar the abominable leaps forward and grabs Alvetta's head, attempting to wrench it from her body.
    Alvetta takes a drink from a yeti bone vial.

    You have recovered balance.
    You give a gladiator's trident a quick flourish before driving it forcefully into a massive decaying 
    beast's body.
    Damage dealt: 107 Remaining: 11.31%
    Balance Taken: 3.11s
    queue eqbal stand || quickdraw trident shield || kill beast || kill nindzar
    You must regain balance first.

    Stand || quickdraw trident shield || kill beast || kill nindzar added to your EQBAL queue.

    Rokas enters from the northeast.

    Rokas leaves to the northeast following Fanglor.

    Nindzar the abominable leaps forward and grabs Alvetta's head, attempting to wrench it from her body.

    Autobashing is set to OFF!

    A massive beast charges towards you and latches its mighty jaws on your neck, shaking you like a 
    ragdoll as your world goes black.


    nindzar is a beast with the stuns... twice in a row = me beastfood xD gg stopping us from landing that last blow.
  • Re: New Profession: Engineer

    Lartus said:
    Headshot: after seven successful attacks land, the 8th one will crit.
    then you will have people running around screaming BOOM HEADSHOT everytime they land a crit.

  • Re: Imperian LoL Club

    On the note of the discord, pretty much anyone he listed can invite you to it. The discord is also not limited just to LoL players, you can all come sit and laugh at us raging while we(I) play horribly. Just ask Owyn about my Blitzcrank 'accidental' trolling. xP
  • Re: Exciting Upcoming Changes

    Not even gonna lie, I fell for this for like 5 minutes. I was like... what? A+ sir, A+
  • Re: Clueless

    Aysari said:
    Aodan said:
    range heal
    Probably for this reason. Ranged is boring; fight in room if you wanna be useful.
    that just makes the option almost completely useless. just trim range out all together and give me a useful skill then. not to mention, I was trying to help tikal clear out a big clot of mobs without horribly dying, that shouldn't be a bad thing.

    the real reason I'm here again:

    - You can randomly reform a single piece into another. You can only do this once per piece. This may 
    result in a piece worth more or less, use with care.

    being I apparently got a crap piece worth 10 credits, I decided luck -should- be on my side

    H:(513[112]) M:(541[105]) (ebdb) Bleed:[0] EXP: 14.10 [PVE: none][PVP: none][AFFS:0]artifact fragment reform pendulum
    You attempt to reform a fragment of a crystal pendulum on a string into a different fragment, but 
    slip up and it shatters into pieces, leaving you with 10 bound credits instead.

    is this intended? if so that information would have been great earlier :/ could(doubtful) possibly have sold it for more than 10.