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  • Re: Outrider Help

    Ahruiz said:
    I am trying to learn Outrider PK, and I think I have a general idea of what my plan is going into 1v1s. I try to stick a bunch of nightshade afflictions and either set a couple of limbs up for a switch into a shatter setup or a big bloodfreeze when I know I have dryblood on them. It doesn't seem that complicated, and relatively easy to track. There are some things I would like help with, though:

    1) Pets.
         They attack 3s after ordered to with an 8s interval between attacks. Do I just order them all to attack and then cycle through surges?
         Are there any surges which are not worth using? E.x. Surge strip causes a pet which normally causes nausea (good) to strip a defence (maybe not good?) 
         I can cycle through about 3 surges minimum based on pet attack speed  and the equilibrium cost of surge. 
         Is it worth tracking the cooldowns on pet attacks?
    2) Toxins
         @Septus told me that the big important ones are chiltran, xeroderma, and ciguatoxin, which makes sense. Any other toxins worth using situationally?
         Since I currently have a small bug of having my armor only give 66% of the defences it should, can I use toxins defensively while I set up limbs? Or is that dumb? I know almost nothing about PK.
    3) Bloodfreeze
        What percentage cold mitigation does trans frost give?
    4) Batter/Smash
        Are these abilities ever worth using? 

    I know this is a lot of questions. I appreciate any help I can get. Thank you.

    1) I set mine up to order them all to attack my target, and then again if I got hit by disloyalty, because disloyalty will **** you up if you don't handle it appropriately. I never used strip personally for the reason you mentioned. I tracked surging the pets, and I usually prioritized keeping the lacerate one surged when it did its special move because haemophilia is important to getting a decent bloodfreeze. the only time I switched it up is when I was absolutely was going for the shatter kill, in which case I would prioritize bite(butisol iirc) and smash(double leg break) and then surge lacerate. those 3 together are the surges I used either way, and surging transfix if all of them were surged and or the afflictions were stuck. the reason being, you pick your primary objective, bleeding or shattering, and you can usually push the other secondarily, to less effect.

    2) if Septus tells you anything you should almost always listen xD Chiltran is super important if you want to get damage rolling, and pushes your shatter route, -while- being a nightshade cure. I prioritized it over all other toxins personally, but thats because I liked pushing both routes at the same time while playing defensively. Xeroderma is definitely good for nightshade stack and its easily tracked. Cigua is cigua so yeah xD. other toxins... I only used the limb breaking ones if I got all those stuck.

    3) I honestly can't give you an answer on this one. the only thing I can think of is that a good chunk of the professions use athletic, which means they are somewhat more susceptible to cold damage. I used to think of outrider as the physical fighter's bane. they have all the cool stuff via smash(love this move btw) and batter that really hinder them to the point where they sometimes can't make headway. I whored smash fighting knights.

    4) as stated above, yes.

    so as a big side note, I just want to say, don't put too much focus on targeted limb breaking. if you can figure out how to get a super quick shatter then go for it my friend, I'm not trying to dissuade you from that, but there are ways to push an easy shatter without that. chiltran, limb toxins that can't be parried, and switching to the ice spear effect can all push hypothermia up when frostheart is on. I personally always switched to the ice effect after getting dryblood on, since it cost no balance to change them before you attack.

    edit:I also meant to say that getting parried causes you to lose almost all your aff pressure, which is super key as well.

    edit edit: I can also probably dig up a log of each kill(bloodfreeze and shatter) that I've gotten and post them if you wish. be warned though, you shouldn't mimic exactly what I do because I usually only log fights where I see something that needs to be fixed, whether is small or large.
  • Re: Outrider Help

    I wish I could agree with Sarrius' post, and awesome it at the same time. its all very true. I absolutely loved Outrider as an all around class, its hands down one of the best professions in the game, group and 1v1. Its also a perfect 'beginner' affliction profession as I've heard it called, which was true for me, it introduced me to afflicting better, and taught me a good bit about how things can work.
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  • Re: I HEART

    my sister @Myrcella:

    16:58:23 You tell Magistrate Myrcella Aracelia, "Hello sis!"
    16:58:28 Myrcella tells you, "Helloooo!"
    16:58:33 Myrcella tells you, "How're you?"
    16:58:33 You tell Magistrate Myrcella Aracelia, "How you 
    16:58:40 Myrcella tells you, "Hahaha! I'm doing alright."
    16:58:40 You tell Magistrate Myrcella Aracelia, "Hahaha I'm 
    16:58:48 You tell Magistrate Myrcella Aracelia, "Stahp."
    16:58:49 Myrcella tells you, "Holy crap are we related."
    16:59:14 You tell Magistrate Myrcella Aracelia, "That was 
    just too awesome. we are the most amazing siblings in the 
    16:59:27 Myrcella tells you, "That we are! Great minds 
    thinks alike. And great minds we are!"
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    How amazing imperian is. even with flaws its one of the better games that I've ever played. It deserves more love <3