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  • Re: Improving Imperian

    Galt said:

    Like I've said before, though - The simple solution to not wanting to be involved with entities is to not talk to them and avoid the sect/cult system.

    None of the bonuses or benefits of sects are so substantial that you need to be part of them to compete and you can ask other people to highfavour you. Most of all, don't try and push entities out of entire cities because you dislike them, as there are likely plenty of people in that city or council who do enjoy interacting with entities.

    You don't get to dictate whether an entire org in the game interacts with entities, just because you as a player don't want to.


    And this does feel like it's about control - players who can't even stand the thought of someone else, especially someone they can't PK, having control over anything their character is involved in. That attitude is not fun for everyone else and when it becomes too dominant in an org, it becomes toxic, irritating, and ultimately bad for that org and for the game as a whole because it permeates everything done in that org. It gets in the way of roleplay, it gets in the way of people doing anything that might upset the status quo and it favours stagnation. This is especially true when a vocal minority begin making the erroneous assumption that because their voice is the most noticeable one, that they must be right.


    Being considerate of concerns doesn't mean making any concessions or admitting that those concerns have any validity. 

    Just wanted to point out these few bits here. The first two(bold and italics) seem so contradictory for me. Its okay to go hey you can just not be in a sect/ignore a whole portion of the game, but at the same time say its toxic when the leadership declares they don't want entities(even though they might be the minority in the city and game)? Here's your options Galt to the 'no fun you ruin my RP guize'. you can ignore it and tough it out. you can leave kinsarmar because they no long align with you and your interests(I did this). Or you could, oh wait, what is that? oh right you could challenge these leaders for their position, and if there is a majority of people opposed to these leaders, guess what? they'll get replaced. Thats a lot of **** options my man. none of which you proposed for sects, and admittedly only two of which are even valid for sects(leave or tough it out). that third and final option is the clincher to this in my opinion because it is strongly a RP route that can work just like its a RP route for the leaders of Kinsarmar to go "You know, I'm not feeling entities".

    Now to the strikethrough part. I striked it because lol, thats a terrible thing to say. Its true, for sure, no one has to make concessions. but this is probably the first of the few times I agree with @Anette, you gotta learn to do it, whether you're the majority or the minority. If you don't you end up hemorrhaging players be they minority or majority. Its an almost impossible act to appease everyone, and I honestly believe the admin do there very best to try and do so. Its been seen in many different cases. if you can't make any compromises or concessions, you'll never move forward, and the game will stay where it is.

    Now, I think I've exhausted my opinion on entities, I'm sure the right decision for imperian will be made by our admins. I'm probably going to double post because I have an idea that has NOTHING to do with entities(thank god I'm tired of talking about it.)
  • Re: Improving Imperian

    Galt said:
    My view on orgs, population, stagnancy etc:

    I believe the problem stems from allowing players to control all the orgs. This means that within a circle, there's little to no change or political movement, there's no real drive for roleplay-driven conflict and difference in ideology, etc. This used to be handled by orders - Being god-controlled, they acted as a counterpoint to the player run orgs, but they were also strictly optional. 

    This is part of why I believe that any sect or cult that invites an entity to attach should give up control entirely to that entity - As the system now works, despite protestations - And that the sect shouldn't get to remove them. We need orgs that players can't have control over, that have some influence on every circle, in order to keep things dynamic and stop things from getting stagnant. I think this has more to do with the lack of change and engagement in our cities and councils than anything. I'd also like to see more emphasis put on having an attached entity, such as a reduced number of max rituals learned for sects without it.

    this is exactly the only concern I have with entities. being that I started after the gods were already dead, and entities were not around much, I totally disagree with this. the fact that people have this mindset is concerning, and rest assured, they would also probably be the first ones to complain to an admin when they have an entity remove their mechanical advantages. If the bolded part were to become true, mainly 'such as a reduced number of max rituals learned for sects without it.' I can't honestly say that'd I'd be in imperian much longer. because I can go suck up to a god in any of the other IRE game, or even my old MUDs as well, and not having to do that is one of the draws of imperian for me. I'm all for entities attaching to sects, writing up events and RP, and maybe even having some control, but in the end sects are a mechanical advantage, and Entities, at least behind the screens, are human just like us and prone to faults. We have to keep that in mind
  • Re: December Stocking Drops

    You open an extravagant chocolate brown and white stocking and find a deep red boomerang, a multi
    -facet gem and a set of silver bracelets inside!

    from my twitter stocking! woo thanks again @Eoghan! I hope everyone had a great holiday, and has a happy new year!
  • Re: New Retiree

    I can't freaking believe I forgot to mention outrider. It's definitely a good one to learn afflicting with. It's in my opinion the most balanced profession in the game. If it weren't am specific I'd be one right now. And who knows I may end up switching one day :open_mouth:

  • Re: PvP Logs

    one of the few times I've beaten my mentor :open_mouth:

    Longish fight, I like when they end up like this, because it shows effort put in by both sides. unfortunately... defiler tends to a lot of the time... be a train that becomes unstoppable when ramped up.