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  • Re: What do you play outside of Imperian?

    Paragon :o its an interesting twist on MOBAs, I've been quite addicted. and one of the best part about it... its crossplatform between PC and PS4!
  • Re: I HEART

    Gjarrus said:
    The tall boots are made from deep black leather bearing a soft shine of polish. Lacing along the back secures the footwear in place on the legs, but the material is not quite long enough and leaves a strip of flesh bare from heel to cuff. A turned-down cuff rides around the top. A thick layer of demon hide serves as a sturdy base for the arching soles. A thick coil of spring juts out from the reinforced heel, the coil narrowing to a small, flat platform at the bottom. A small pair of metal contacts on the inside of each heel causes the spring to uncoil with a snap before automatically locking into place once more. The gears and pistons driving the spring's coil are embedded along the sides of the boots under a cover of the same dark leather as the rest of the footwear.
    It radiates with the powers of acrobatics and dexterity's deftness.
    It is strangely weightless.
    It bears the distinctive mark of Kabaal.
    This will occupy the shoes clothing slot.
    you're one of them guys now... and now is the time they get hit with the nerf :D
  • Re: Affliction Hindering and the Death of Momentum Classes

    I like this very very much, but I have a slight concern about nausea moving to kelp when it comes to outrider, nausea being the gate for dryblood, and the main spear effect used. maybe my concern is baseless, and this could actually open up new avenues for outrider, but as of right now, it seems like it might mess with their nightshade stack. But, then again, I may be missing something completely here as I still consider myself newb/mid tier. Other than that, I think this is a fantastic idea.
  • Re: PK and excessive promo items

    Naruj said:
    Laeka said:
    Make chains 1 use only, like their counterparts, shackles. 12 chains per chain is insane. 
    Just delete them completely, and reimburse a credit or two per shackle. Defensive class balance considerations should be a careful balance of damage mitigation and mobility, but shackles/chains let someone pay credits to remove half of that equation.

    This results in defensive class balance being based exclusively on armor values, and not how 'slippery' the class is to pin down. Classes with lower than average mitigation are then forced to Classlead for more defensive tools, because in a world with no escape or affliction hindering they have no other choice.
    Along that same note then, flip boots and things like it need to be destroyed as well. I'm pretty sure that's the major reason these shackle and chain items exist to begin with, because classes that shouldn't be hard to pin down are with this item. 
  • Re: Quotes

    (Ring): Lynyssa says, "*sings back on forth on a wrecking ball* I CAME IN LIKE A WRECKING BALL."
    H:(543[100]) M:(367[95]) (ebdb) Bleed:[0] EXP: 49.77 [PVE: none][PVP: Dyron][AFFS:0][AFFED:0]

    Occasional raindrops fall on your head as the drizzle continues.
    H:(543[100]) M:(366[94]) (ebdb) Bleed:[0] EXP: 49.77 [PVE: none][PVP: Dyron][AFFS:0][AFFED:0]

    (Ring): Lynyssa says, "I JUST WANTED TO REAP THEM ALL."