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  • Re: Enslavery

    Sarrius said:

    Do they need some tweaks to Enslavery? Yes. Non-pact unleash shouldn't exist. Cadmus needs an eq cost or a narrower curing table. 

    lol you people have lost you minds. I assume by non-pact unleashes you mean you have to be possessed by them to use them? are you you being serious? why in the **** would you tie the few defensive skills summoner does have into what attacks they can use? I also don't agree that cadmus is that bad. there is way more powerful healing in this game than that(see Lynyssa giggling her **** off in priest as she sits and heals here afflictions away and never dies, just as one example). it just sounds me like everyone wants everything to be the same. lets sit down and change the numbers to all match guize. or better yet, lets just take professions away and just headslam each other to death, that sounds fun. anyways, you guys can say summoner is overpowered, whatever. all you're really doing is making it that much harder for people to buy in while the heavily artifacted won't be that affected. good job. 
  • Re: I HEART

    I <3 that my sister doesn't beat me up on a daily basis

    You have regained your mental equilibrium.
    You issue the command to Myrcella.
    Myrcella Aracelia says, "Aodan, my dearest brother, is the true prophet, named to be above me in 
    status at all times, though I may be the figurehead."
    Equilibrium Taken: 2.75s
    Myrcella focuses deeply, steeling her mind against controlling attempts.

    you heard it here folks. next step is to get her to sign a contract.

  • Re: Current Sale

    Owyn said:
    @Theophilus @Jeremy Saunders @Mathiaus, I'm genuinely shocked. I don't want to come off as overly aggressive on this issue, but I honestly feel like recent artifacts and promos are going to kill the game. Just because no one is using them correctly doesn't mean they can't be.

    I haven't done this yet, on purpose. But seriously, between the aquamarine earrings and the bronze shield I would wager that I could kill most of, if not all of, the top pkers in this game with autocuring off.

    It doesn't say anything about my skill or anyone else's lack of skill. It says everything about just how powerful these items are -- these two in particular frankly shouldn't exist. I feel like they're going to be come (and maybe are intended to) must  have items for competitive pk. As Mathiaus already pointed out, those of us invested have already invested quite a bit, and that ceiling is only getting higher. It's not good for new pker's trying to get into the game.

    For instance, if I asked @Gjarrus for 5 spars -- even if I won one of those with autocuring off -- it would speak volumes. And not in a good way, at all.

    I'm more than willing to accept challenges to this and post logs to the forums on the condition that these concerns be taken seriously. Otherwise, I mean... hey. I'll just cheese it til you nerf it. Or get rid of it.
    I'm definitely on board with Owyn with this. these new items really seem like game breakers for pvp, just from looking at them. I haven't even done the testing Owyn probably has and can look at these items and tell this. I really don't like the way this is going where we'll have super tanks that never die, and squishy newbs that will die endlessly. :/ I'm all for new, fun stuff but these earrings, and tomes seem a bit over the top.