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  • Re: What do you play outside of Imperian?

    Monster Hunter World. Its amazing how a gameplay loop can be relaxing sometimes :o
  • Re: Assassin Combat?

    One more thing I forgot to mention about assassin 1v1 and even can be used effectively fighting 2 people by yourself, if you're slick. Its something I'm absolutely terrible at. evading, running, and getting out of hairy situations. you're real threat potential comes into play when you have a sealed hypnosis stack. a lot of times you can sit there and plant hypnosis suggestions  and keep evading every few attacks until you get it stacked, then snap the afflictions into action and go full steam ahead with dstabs and shadowplant/instill. that burst of afflictions is what makes an assassin truly dangerous. also it might be good to mention that shadowplant/instill can be in affect at the same time as it stands now, but that -may- change soon(so I hear anyways). its a minor change that will just make you choose which is better to use in a situation. Or it may not change at all! it all depends, a lot is up in the air with classleads going on currently.
  • Re: Assassin Combat?

    I know you and I have talked about this but for groups its actually a lot easier than people think, as long as who you are working with is just throwing some kinda afflictions as well to help cover, and by using worm obscure. the cool thing about this damage route is that sulfanol is 100% trackable which makes 2+ assassins even more disgusting with it. here's what I used to use, in code form, granted its very old(!!!its still using the old queue system!!!), and probably isn't perfect, but it is definitely easy:

    if aff.scourge == false then
    	send("queue eqbal unwield dirk||wield whip|| scourge "..pvptarget.."||worm attach rashirmir||worm obscure "..pvptarget)
    elseif aff.targetfenu == true and aff.sulfonal == false then
    	send("queue eqbal unwield dirk||wield whip|| scourge "..pvptarget.."||worm attach rashirmir||worm obscure "..pvptarget)
    elseif aff.sulfonal == false then
    	send("queue eqbal unwield whip||wield dirk||puncture "..pvptarget.." with sulfonal||worm choke "..pvptarget)
    	send("queue eqbal unwield whip||wield dirk||puncture "..pvptarget.." with trioxin||worm choke "..pvptarget)

    basically everything in this damage route is 100% trackable since when they apply fenugreek that 100% means you need to scourge again.

    as for assassin 1v1, I never got into it to give great advice because it was frustrating doing at that the minimum speed without a dirk artifact(here's to hoping they go away soon). I'm not to keen on how to do a true lock, because there is still information I seem to be missing there, but the basics of setting up a lock long enough to instakill someone are sticking anorexia and paralysis, and even layering broken limbs on top of that and proning. I did a simple chart of whats needed to lock in anorexia when I first started learning afflictions, which includes getting numbness on(which goes to paralysis if on the person long enough):

    Ignore the final note, because that's probably not the best way to go about it, and to lock these in you have to sometimes stack other herb afflictions that are similar, like dreacor was saying, asthma and hemotoxin can be kelp stacked with clumsiness and weariness, slickness and numbness almost need metrazol to block them. the issue with a lot of these afflictions is that they are not 100% trackable(except hemotoxin) unless you kind of layer them in a way that makes guessing which was cured a little easier, but there is still room for mis-guessing. the one thing I suggest is if you are thinking about using an affliction do AFFLICTION SHOW [affliction_name] and see what all cures it, because most of these are also cured by passives as well, I was just going on, hey they'll be blocked hopefully when drawing this diagram out. and if you are still unsure about an affliction ask someone :D or experiement like I had to do with things like entropy!
  • Re: Now Playing

    because I heard this song for the first time the other day and with the words 'choosy beggars' flying around
  • Re: December Stocking Drops

    You open an extravagant chocolate brown and white stocking and find a deep red boomerang, a multi
    -facet gem and a set of silver bracelets inside!

    from my twitter stocking! woo thanks again @Eoghan! I hope everyone had a great holiday, and has a happy new year!