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  • Re: Improving Imperian

    Gjarrus said:
    Make PK achievements track only in Coliseum events and against non-circle members.

    Achievements for raid stuff - kills during raid, deaths during raid, successful raids, successful defenses, that sort of crap.

    Trade skills and lessons in the aspect perk system.

    I want to agree with this except for the fact that 90% of the people I like to kill belong to the same circle I have to be... D:
  • Re: I HEART

    The semester is over. Straight As. Elected as president of Student Government Association. Presenting at several national conferences in the coming weeks. Fell in love.

    Life is fantastic even if it means my time here is limited these days.
    Congrats man, I'm so glad everything is going well, even if it means you're not here as much! I heart that!
  • Re: Raiding

    Swale said:
    Sorry about that.  That was just one of the things we did wrong, and we can do better.  There is some low hanging fruit/housekeeping stuff that is frustratingly persistent, but I feel absolutely fixable.  And when we gain some traction there we WILL see a big boost.  

    But we're still fighting some guys who literally never lose, other than the occasional one off.  And haven't (lost) in ~15 years.  That's the piece I was looking at.
    a good portion of magick used to be on that team. none of you have really taught me anything meaningful from your experience there. so what's the deal? the only real advice I've gotten was something along the lines of, if you're going into an even fight, you're doing it wrong. You should always take the advantage when you have it, and even that advice failed last night. I'm honestly just tired of the negativity, and the idea that 1 circ--city(who's ithaqua again?) is better than the rest. The point still remains, you have people willing to learn, and get on that tier, and you(general you, cause I'm pretty miffed with all of magick) say you'll help, but you never do.
  • Re: Raiding

    Swale said:
    The skill gap is just... even worse than I thought, honestly (and I knew it was BAD).  We are.  Absolutely terrible at raiding.  And so is everyone who isn't AM.

    I don't think you can truly gain ground against people who are just actually smarter than everyone else.  And that's before you factor in all of the years of experience.  People don't like to admit/talk about that sort of thing in general, whether in a game or otherwise, because it's such a direct ego hit, but it's definitely a thing.  I mean, there is a reason some people are chess masters and physicists and some people work at Walmart, and a lot of people are somewhere in between.  It shouldn't mean the people who aren't chess masters are "worthless", but it's just unrealistic to expect them to accomplish the same things the other group can.  And I think in a game, it's going to mean beating your (dumb) head against a brick wall without some careful consideration to make things less... frustrating.  And raiding, more than anything else, is going to REALLY rub your nose in it.

    Our raid last night was an absolute trainwreck, and on that one we really had no one to blame but ourselves.  The problem with that gamewise, is I think it tends to stall things out fairly quickly.  It's more noticeable/immediate here in Imperian because we're pretty small.

    EDIT:  basically, the answer has been brought up in several forms, but I don't think anyone has any concrete solutions that feel like a definite "oh yeah, that will work" so far, although people have spitballed a few things.  You have to find a way to allow the weaker orgs to scrape some of their dignity off the pavement and give them realistic hope of getting their goodies back (with some improvement in teamwork/tactics - which IS possible, I don't mean to sound like I am saying we can't improve, because we absolutely can, and have).
    I'm going to have to disagree with you there. Skill was a little part of it, but the major cause of the train wreck was the cluster**** we call magick. too many people calling out too many things making it impossible for people like me who have never been on an offensive raid to know what the hell is going on so that I can get back into the fray. instead I walked blindly into antioch at least 3 different times getting instagibbed by guards. No one offered to tell me what was going down, what I should do, nothing, it went from being silly in the ring to what the **** just happened and why wasn't I told? help raid can only give a person so much information. Take the time to actually train people like you promise, instead of complaining about skill gap. I can't learn everything on my own.
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  • Re: Raiding

    so now the artifactless will get murdered in three hits again. yipee. You can bet I won't be defending by myself now for sure.

    Edit: my point being, this becoming another shard fall with guards just standing around trying to look cute. I already feel pretty useless in shardfalls where we don't have the overwhelming numbers, don't need to feel that way in defenses or it really kills morale and you'll see people stop trying. Healing shouldn't have went from 100 to 0. It should have been toned down without putting a full stop on it.
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