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  • Re: I HEART

    Lynyssa said:
    I <3 that the guards will no longer go on about Aranel in Khandava CT. Thank you.
    yes, now no one ever will have a reason to raid! woohoo
  • Re: Character Theme Songs

  • Re: To those who don't RP (but might)...

    Anette said:
    Krysaliss said:
    Is there RP that makes you want to not dip your toes in (the stuff that doesn't happen behind closed doors)?
    When everything is a PK reason, I frankly don't care to extend my roleplay except to people that I trust not to be a douchecanoe about it because I have neither the time at present to work on my system further, or the well-being to, given my health has taken a turn for the worse. I am all for consequences to RP but frankly the reason I (and others I have spoken to) end up so indifferent and with such inertia against action, is it feels like any action you can take will result in people being awful to you for as long as they can get away with as a result. Logging in to see the news announce about city defenders just reinforces my point. I don't have the time or patience to deal with it. There's a balance to be struck there, but we don't have it.

    Roleplay is the driver of interpersonal conflict, be it combat, political, or otherwise.  When I have no desire to engage in that conflict because I perceive it as a time sink which offers me no reward as a result of engaging in it, then as a result of that I have little desire to engage in something that will lead to that occurring.

    I will probably get downvoted into oblivion for saying that much, but it's the frank truth of the matter when it comes to me.
    I don't speak for other pkers, and this may break immersion for whoever, but I personally, if you give me warning ahead of time(yes this may be metagamey), would rather RP instead of going facestompscrubcauseican. but if you come at me just straight insulting me, then yeah. I guess basically, I'm trying to say, don't be scared to try, or probe someone OOCly if you want to RP. you may be surprised what comes of it, instead of assuming someone's gonna ragestomp you for your RP.
  • Re: Affliction Hindering and the Death of Momentum Classes

    Naruj said:
    Aodan said:
    I like this very very much, but I have a slight concern about nausea moving to kelp when it comes to outrider, nausea being the gate for dryblood, and the main spear effect used. maybe my concern is baseless, and this could actually open up new avenues for outrider, but as of right now, it seems like it might mess with their nightshade stack. But, then again, I may be missing something completely here as I still consider myself newb/mid tier. Other than that, I think this is a fantastic idea.
    I thought about that, and there could be some slight tweaking needed once it starts being tested - but honestly I am not too worried. With Hemotoxin moving off-cure and Dryblood not having the same cure as Nausea anymore, you'd be able to pick and choose your priority when dealing with their stack.

    The Outrider would just be trading one set of affliction synergies for another - possibly by leveraging the spammable nausea into something like clumsiness/asthma, and leaving dryblood itself as an off-cure pressure valve.
    Well on that note, and I know we've discussed it before in the demonic ring, but I feel like Clumsiness should work across the board, balance and equilibrium, weapons or no. its very niche right now, and really adds on to the amount of hinders that can be used, for example, against the knight-types, where as it doesn't effect equilibrium based, or as far as I know, clever/weaponless balance classes. I think what we discussed is that making clumsiness work across the board would even out the amount of hinders there are for both sides.

    So as a note on Outriders, if this change were to happen I would be more comfortable with nausea going to kelp. As it stands right now though, I use nausea to stack with lethargy, haemophilia, dryblood, chilltran, all of which work towards a kill with outrider, and the lethargy being the better hinder compared to clumsiness since it affects all balance users, and not just a certain few.
  • Re: PK and excessive promo items

    Naruj said:
    Laeka said:
    Make chains 1 use only, like their counterparts, shackles. 12 chains per chain is insane. 
    Just delete them completely, and reimburse a credit or two per shackle. Defensive class balance considerations should be a careful balance of damage mitigation and mobility, but shackles/chains let someone pay credits to remove half of that equation.

    This results in defensive class balance being based exclusively on armor values, and not how 'slippery' the class is to pin down. Classes with lower than average mitigation are then forced to Classlead for more defensive tools, because in a world with no escape or affliction hindering they have no other choice.
    Along that same note then, flip boots and things like it need to be destroyed as well. I'm pretty sure that's the major reason these shackle and chain items exist to begin with, because classes that shouldn't be hard to pin down are with this item.