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  • Re: Current Sale

    I bought several auction items in the past for well above what they were eventually released to general availability for.  If you pay that kind of money for something, or anything, that's your problem, not the administrations.  Especially with promo items, which are a _notoriously_ fickle market and very insolvent in terms of holding any value.
  • Mudlet UI

    Since @wyll mentioned it I thought I'd share for those curious, here's a little glimpse of my mudlet UI as it stands now, though I'm still trying to decide what to put on my hotbar thing:

    LMK what you think!
  • Re: Shopkeeping

    Zerin said:
    I would love a pre-set price thing. Maybe this exists now... I don't know (If it exists now, please tell me how!). But when I run out of say, leathergreaves, I want to just be able to put them back on the shelf and have it remember the last price I sold them at, instead of me having to manually price them with price all leathergreaves 2500.
    Expanding on this, a default pricelist would be a good feature.  Which is to say, an ability to set the default price of a given KEYWORD to AMOUNT - so for example you do something like SHOP PRICELIST SET LEATHERGREAVES 2500 - and then any leather greaves you place on a shelf are automatically set to that price, unless they are manually priced to override it.
  • Re: Help PK

    Anette said:
    Wyll said:
     Wandering into a city every single day to paint trash and pestering the same two players everyday is griefing. 

    The juvenile paint stuff around Antioch right now frankly is something that made me think about sodding right the back off of Imperian when I logged onto it for the first time after my month-long stretch of hospital/illness fun.  It's purile and immature but most importantly, it's just not fun to deal with that kind of griefing, frankly.  
    I painted your city one time. ONE SINGLE TIME. And that's griefing? If that's enough to make you want to quit the game.. then I'm LoLing at you. I paid credits to be able to paint offensive stuff (not to excess, of course), and if you make Theo mad of course he's going to come graffiti your city and brag about having Bina. One single time I paint your city and you act like I killed you 50 times in a row. CALM. DOWN.
    Number of times saying "calm down" has in the history of humanity actually calmed anyone down: probably zero.

    People see that every time they traverse those rooms until they expire, that's not the same as one tell of someone being a douchebag who you can then SNUB anyways.
  • Re: Improving Imperian

    I just hate getting the 60 messages saying my vials decayed and then having to sit and type:

    vialbelt tap empty atropine, vialbelt tap empty arsenic, blah blah blah. And hope I don't mistype and have to go back to figure out what I missed. I could code something easily, but they only decay every couple of months or so, so I always tell myself it's not a big deal.

    VIALBELT TAP EMPTY ALL that refills empty vials with all possible fluids would be cool is all I was saying.
    Depending on how the code works, something like VIALBELT TAP EMPTY [list of fluids] might work better, so if you go VIALBELT TAP EMPTY HEALTH MANA it would use the first "empty" match for health, the second for mana.  And so forth if you listed several.  Just as a possible alternative to Theo's suggestion if it's not easily workable, though I'd be plenty okay with that too.