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  • Re: Improving Imperian

    I just hate getting the 60 messages saying my vials decayed and then having to sit and type:

    vialbelt tap empty atropine, vialbelt tap empty arsenic, blah blah blah. And hope I don't mistype and have to go back to figure out what I missed. I could code something easily, but they only decay every couple of months or so, so I always tell myself it's not a big deal.

    VIALBELT TAP EMPTY ALL that refills empty vials with all possible fluids would be cool is all I was saying.
    Depending on how the code works, something like VIALBELT TAP EMPTY [list of fluids] might work better, so if you go VIALBELT TAP EMPTY HEALTH MANA it would use the first "empty" match for health, the second for mana.  And so forth if you listed several.  Just as a possible alternative to Theo's suggestion if it's not easily workable, though I'd be plenty okay with that too.
  • Re: Raiding

    I kind of don't see the point of this.  Yes, yes, a locus for conflict, I do grasp that much.  But speaking as someone whose health has had her popping up irregularly at best lately, I'm never around when it's going anyways, and this really isn't the context I'm speaking in here.

    The context I'm speaking in here is the larger one.  Allow me to expand.  This feels like filler.  It's a holding pattern.  Something to do when there's nothing else to do.  And having that is great, I guess, but where's the overarching aim for all of this?  To do this systematically, you'd basically need to give it the kind of consequences that'd make the game un-fun for anyone not from Antioch right now and as is, we already have that to a degree in losing the city tutors - especially since the novice tutorials basically end up pointing you towards resources you no longer have as a result of those going missing if another city captures them.

    Okay, so Antioch is basically sitting on the lion's share of the objectives ... now what?   They defend them indefinitely?  That's ... going to get boring after a while, I imagine.

    But that's my two cents as someone who hasn't been around much anyways, so take it for the ignorant hate speech it probably is.  I just don't see the appeal to this and any larger opprotunity it has seems squandered.
  • Re: Obelisk Attunement Skills

    I like all of these except immunity to Inhume. It's hard enough to be one of the like five active Sukhder aspects without our abilities we rarely get to use being nerfed.
    I was on the fence about it, but only one circle would have access to it at any one time and Inhume is way more powerful than the other aspect powers. It would be a reasonable compromise to add a contestable counter instead of just nerfing it in classleads (which is going to happen otherwise).
    Honestly I'd be more in favour of Life and Change aspects getting an appropriate buff, but that's a bit off topic I suppose.
  • Re: I HEART

    Getting 50cr on the wheel, while probably insubstantial, was the one silver lining to a very "stormy" evening last night since my partner irl has been quite unwell, so hey, there's that.
  • Re: Caelya's Discount Art Commissions

    110% awesome