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  • Re: Help PK

    Anette said:
    Wyll said:
     Wandering into a city every single day to paint trash and pestering the same two players everyday is griefing. 

    The juvenile paint stuff around Antioch right now frankly is something that made me think about sodding right the back off of Imperian when I logged onto it for the first time after my month-long stretch of hospital/illness fun.  It's purile and immature but most importantly, it's just not fun to deal with that kind of griefing, frankly.  
    I painted your city one time. ONE SINGLE TIME. And that's griefing? If that's enough to make you want to quit the game.. then I'm LoLing at you. I paid credits to be able to paint offensive stuff (not to excess, of course), and if you make Theo mad of course he's going to come graffiti your city and brag about having Bina. One single time I paint your city and you act like I killed you 50 times in a row. CALM. DOWN.
    Number of times saying "calm down" has in the history of humanity actually calmed anyone down: probably zero.

    People see that every time they traverse those rooms until they expire, that's not the same as one tell of someone being a douchebag who you can then SNUB anyways.
  • Re: Quotes

    I saw that Deathsight.

    "I wonder if I should stop bashing and help out"

    *like 8 people die to Septus*

    "... I'm probably not needed"
  • Re: What is the pettiest thing you've done in character?

    One time Kelleti was absolutely sure she could take Necropolis by herself and the next room was that central room for the wraiths so I was all just like "...well, if youre sure."

    It went about how you'd expect.
  • Re: Improving Imperian

    Anette said:
    This may or may not be an easy thing, but it's a good idea that came up in discussion with Icarius today:

    Having more bashing areas that had some water component to them would make races like Lamiran, Selkie, and Schelkin more attractive.  Right now the one stomping ground of mine that benefits from the water-based is Khous, and it's not really end-gamey unless you include babby's first end boss, Lakhild, compared to say, Skegdald.  I'd love to see one or two bashing areas that had water themes, to make those races not so situational - or rather, the situations where they're beneficial more common.
    We'll keep this in mind when and if we start developing new bashing areas. For the most part our building efforts are focused on renewing existing areas - there are a large number of areas in the game that are dated now, so refreshing those is a higher priority than creating new areas, right now.

    Flood an existing area then ;)

  • Re: Treasure Maps

    I got two anklets of the sand in a row. Which is a bit of a pisser.

    By the way, anyone want to buy an anklet of the sand?