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  • Re: I HEART

    Barghest is best companion

    A crystal entity slams against you, knocking you to the ground.
    A spectral barghest leaps before you taking some of the damage.
    A spectral barghest has taken too much damage and fades from sight.
    Damage Taken: 143 blunt (raw damage: 662)
  • Re: What do you play outside of Imperian?

    I made myself actually play Dragon Age Inquisition to completion lately.  I never finished it the first time around, the war table stuff (prior to the patch) needing that time to be in game burnt me out considerably.  It's a lot more fun when it's just stuff you can leave going when you're not playing.  I enjoyed it.

    Otherwise, been playing a lot of Elite Dangerous lately, I adore that game, and Diablo 2 of all things, since its a bit mindless and I've been rather pointedly unhealthy.
  • Re: Improving Imperian

    Anette said:
    This may or may not be an easy thing, but it's a good idea that came up in discussion with Icarius today:

    Having more bashing areas that had some water component to them would make races like Lamiran, Selkie, and Schelkin more attractive.  Right now the one stomping ground of mine that benefits from the water-based is Khous, and it's not really end-gamey unless you include babby's first end boss, Lakhild, compared to say, Skegdald.  I'd love to see one or two bashing areas that had water themes, to make those races not so situational - or rather, the situations where they're beneficial more common.
    We'll keep this in mind when and if we start developing new bashing areas. For the most part our building efforts are focused on renewing existing areas - there are a large number of areas in the game that are dated now, so refreshing those is a higher priority than creating new areas, right now.

    Flood an existing area then ;)

  • Re: What do you play outside of Imperian?

    ESO had a bad case of "all the good content is in the DLC expansions" itis.

    Witcher 3 is pretty, but overrated.


    For my part, I've been replaying Inquisition.  I never actually finished it previously, when I played it for review I stopped at the "Ive played this for 160 hours and still havent finished this thing what the hell is going on" point, but since I'm bedridden anyways lately and I can play it with a pad I've had little better to do.
  • Re: R.I.P. Stavenn

    You know, when I offered to give my notes to the admin no doubt trying to tie things together but having a lot of stuff to try to look over, I didn't expect them to actually excerpt the prose I'd put together and included with that as part of the body of notes in the Event post, but that was kind of cool. My system is non-existent because I just assembled this new computer on Friday and still have to re-install everything, so I decided a way to still kind of participate was playing detective with the lore behind it. I guess that came in helpful, and I'm glad it did!

    I'll probably have a book with the full details with prose like that at some point available. I have no idea even who to lob books to get them in anyone's library but my own though.

    I feel kind of sad now, because Ihsan played his role well and I liked his little bits of RP I saw in that event, but who knows if that's someone we'll see again now. Goes for a lot of the Stavenn crowd sadly. I imagine most of them will just alt.