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  • Re: Raiding

    I kind of don't see the point of this.  Yes, yes, a locus for conflict, I do grasp that much.  But speaking as someone whose health has had her popping up irregularly at best lately, I'm never around when it's going anyways, and this really isn't the context I'm speaking in here.

    The context I'm speaking in here is the larger one.  Allow me to expand.  This feels like filler.  It's a holding pattern.  Something to do when there's nothing else to do.  And having that is great, I guess, but where's the overarching aim for all of this?  To do this systematically, you'd basically need to give it the kind of consequences that'd make the game un-fun for anyone not from Antioch right now and as is, we already have that to a degree in losing the city tutors - especially since the novice tutorials basically end up pointing you towards resources you no longer have as a result of those going missing if another city captures them.

    Okay, so Antioch is basically sitting on the lion's share of the objectives ... now what?   They defend them indefinitely?  That's ... going to get boring after a while, I imagine.

    But that's my two cents as someone who hasn't been around much anyways, so take it for the ignorant hate speech it probably is.  I just don't see the appeal to this and any larger opprotunity it has seems squandered.
  • Re: Obeslisks, Outposts, Guards, Raids, and XP.

    Not sure about that. You shouldn't need to have both the investment in experience and artefacts that I do to go assassinate someone in a city, IMO. That might be an unpopular opinion, but I think it should be doable by anyone with a reasonable amount of game knowledge and a class that makes it viable (assassin, predator, etc). Definitely shouldn't be easy, but there should be a pretty large margin between 'impossible' and 'difficult'.

    Full on raid, probably not.
    We're basically agreeing here since I was meaning a raid, not "I want to punk someone who has a monolith who's sitting in Kinsarmar" or the like.
  • Re: Obelisk/War Update

    Here is what people are afraid of - and it's also how a lot of hard core PK-ers actually ARE as people, whether they are this candid about it or not. This is the very tail end of a long ring conversation, and it's very relevant this second:

    Please keep in mind that THIS is how a lot of people think (not just PK-ers, actually, it's just that PK griefing is so much more obvious), and who they are as people, if you're considering allowing them to "make it hurt" to any meaningful degree. If they CAN make it horrible and miserable and griefy and unfun they absolutely WILL.
    If someone breaks the rules, then issue them. Otherwise this is just an implicit personal attack you keep rolling out that PVPers are apparently bad people or something and not helpful to the discussion at all.
  • Re: Obelisk/War Update

    Thinking about this for a few days, I am pretty sure any kind of system like this is going to end up being a resounding flop.

    The problem here is basically that the PvP culture is basically destroyed. There's no feeling of danger. There's no way to be aggressive. There's no way to hit another city and make it hurt. The absolute best case scenario for a raiding system is that it ends up being another minigame that people might play sometimes and that absolutely will NOT change things here.
    I think what some people don't seem to realize (or don't want to admit) is that for PVP to be viable there must be danger. There is no way to make a PVP system that is "safe". Nor are you going to have a viable system for PVP if they can just stick their head in the sand without consequence.
  • Re: Shardfall and PVP activity

    For shardfalls, I think a 3-man team is a solid start - sometimes just two people, if say, there is just one person in the area to begin with, and you know for a fact that person can whip your **** all over the place, no question. But... to me, there also has to be someplace for that to go, so hopefully, that guy has a buddy he can call in for round two, and so forth. Adds are not all bad, because they can maximize participation, but you (usually) don't want to just nuke people either - not because you're such a nice guy, but because that tends to make people pack it in and go home (or, if they have the people, they'll nuke you back even harder). But yeah, you are definitely going to get jumped (possibly by a good sized team) if you show up at a shardfall. In fact, I've pottered about shardfalls alone specifically so I could get jumped, probably die, and then call in some friends. It's a great way to start a fight sometimes.
    And yer pretty boned if a shardfall happens in the middle of you hunting the area. I just bounce these days.
    I do think the above touches on something really important. I've had people riding me HARD (and I mean some serious verbal badgering and abuse) to go back over and over to fights my side was losing very, very badly, and part of why it was so hard, was because I knew that even the guy "encouraging" me looked down his nose at me and was laughing at me inwardly, so there was no real trust or friendship. I felt I was being used (and I absolutely was).
    This is a huge turn off for me. Antioch doesn't actually bother me too much anymore but when I first hit aspect it happened a lot and it feels like because I didn't jump in the deep end headfirst with no system I missed that bus. But moreover, speaking from experience running many an org on many a character, pushing people towards RP or towards PK is only going to turn them off it further. People become resistant to it just out of not wanting to be goaded into things. And that's entirely valid. People should be engaging in entertainment media on their own terms.

    I think part of the reason here is there is no incentive (outside of downright illegal things that you can issue someone for) not to be a **** to someone if you have a valid PK reason, so of course people are going to. On somewheres like Aetolia that has a death penalty (or at least did when I played) you didn't do this kind of thing because if you did they'd jump you right back, usually with like ten of their closest acquaintances. Say what you will about ganking people, it served as something that prevented the worse excesses of it. Because we don't have a death penalty, I've been just told to "deal with it" so many times, despite it having completely disrupted what I was trying to do and costing me the time going to and crawling back up from Dis. So sure, I'll "just deal with it" - by opting out of the thing entirely.

    [inline edit - I used to think using Starburst/redemption/soulcage was kind of lame in Aetolia, because it robbed the person of a kill basically. This again goes to the sort of comaraderie. I have zero qualms about using every starburst/redemption/combust I can on Imperian cause I give no care if someone "loses" a kill that was in Impy, and indeed it's been the thing that has kept these ambushes from being intrusive into my enjoyment of the game, frankly speaking. I really wish I didn't feel this way.]

    All of this is frankly all on the playerbase that participate on PVP and this is something we have the power to change - if we want to. I guess the question is if the community at large wants to.