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  • Re: Stagnation and super duper lame October promotion

    Every promotion in recent memory with perhaps the exception of the much-contentious earrings has offered less and less value to a potential buyer.  That is the underlying problem here.
  • Re: PK and excessive promo items

    Kyraic said:
    Owyn said:
    @Naruj then don't say "only 60%" as if it's no big deal. It's a huge deal.
    First, I am fairly sure it's 66%.

    Second, it's not a huge deal because there's a pretty good chance of escape there.

    You walk in, you throw down piety/ghands, they immediately try to run.

    1. ~33% of the time, they get out on their first attempt.
    2. ~56% of the time, they get out by their second attempt. (.66*.66= .4356 chance to fail both moves, meaning ~%56 chance to escape.
    3. 0.66*0.66*0.66=0.287496 chance to fail three moves in a row. ~%71 chance to escape by three moves.
    That, and also that this is all made fairly moot by the fact that there's a great deal of ways to escape from piety/gravehands, that do not work if you are shackled.  It's a false equivalence.

    I'd know, until very recently, my reaction to someone rolling up on me was to run, and you don't see very many deaths on DEATHS ANETTE, do you?
  • Re: PK and excessive promo items

    Dyron said:
    My problem is this, if I know you use chains and your with help, I'm now to the point of just straight up running and disengaging in combat. This mechanic is completely killing combat and overall any of my interest in combat altogether. Professions(especially demonic) have some of the best hinder skills in the game. Why isn't this enough? Doesn't this ruin the fun for the attacker as well?
    I would say this kind of stuff is as much a problem of the playerbase as it is the admin, honestly.  Win at any cost, including your enjoyment of the game or the enjoyment of others.  That said, feeding that mindset might be profitable in the shortterm but it has been hurting Imperian considerably for at least the past year I've been active.